Unique House Party Activities

by James Roland
Make gift baskets for the poor for a unique house party activity.

Make gift baskets for the poor for a unique house party activity.

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When looking for unique house party activities, turn to the unexpected: service and silliness. Hold house parties with themes of service that will foster camaraderie, gratitude and accomplishment. For a big dose of fun, inject silliness into your house party activities, which will allow adults to feel like kids again.


One idea for a unique house party activity is painting. Buy paint and invite guests over to dazzle everyone with their handiwork and helpfulness. Whether you ask your guests to help you paint your own new place or an elderly neighbor's home, painting goes faster and is more enjoyable when you do it with friends. Try to have the prep work done in advance before guests arrive. For example, seal cracks, sand lumps and tape off windows and trim. Once friends arrive, remind them to cut in around doors, windows and baseboards first, then fill in the rest using rollers.

Gift Baskets

Another idea for a house party activity focuses on fellowship and goodwill. Invite your guests over to create gift baskets for the less fortunate or the hard-working in your community. Consider themes, such as holiday meals or back-to-school goods to give to a service organization, or treat baskets to give to firefighters and police officers. First, contact the group you'd like to help and find out what the needs are and what they are allowed to accept. Next, collect the items to place inside the gift baskets. Ask your guests to bring an item to donate or buy all of the supplies yourself. The fun activity will be assembling the baskets together. Guests will enjoy the experience and will leave feeling that they've helped their neighbors.

Memento Mingling

When laughs are the object of your house party activity, try memento mingling. This activity invites guests to bring mementos from their younger days. They can be clothes, gadgets or pop culture items such as LPs or skateboards. The guests must hold or wear their mementos and explain them to each person they mingle with. After all the guests have shared their mementos, take a vote and present prizes for the funniest, grooviest, most unexpected and most heartwarming mementos.

Music Video karaoke

Karaoke is an enjoyable house party activity, but make it unique by updating it with a video camera. Encourage guests to make their own music videos while they're performing a song for your crowd. Provide props such as sunglasses, leather jackets, old dresses, blazers and feather boas. At the end of the party, invite guests to watch the videos they've made. Play veejay since you're the host and introduce each video and its artist. Burn the videos onto DVDs for party favors.

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