Unique & Elegant Party Invitations

by Terry Mulligan
Send your guests a unique invitation to every gathering.

Send your guests a unique invitation to every gathering.

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The precursor to every party is the invitation. If done correctly, inviting your guests with unique and elegant invitations can set the tone for the get together before the first person arrives. Whether using electronic, traditional paper or unique objects to create your invite, send a memorable request to friends, family or co-workers to celebrate a special occasion with you.

Elegant Electronic Invitations

An email text party invitation can be borderline tacky. It almost telegraphs that you don't care enough to send a proper invitation and actually puts some people off. If you want to send an electronic invitation, visit the Pingg website for amazing electronic invitations, ecards and announcements. The site boasts artist-created designs with a virtual envelope that opens on the screen to reveal high-quality graphics and professional type fonts for an elegant presentation. Registration for basic service is free.

Miniature Wine Bottle Invites

Whether sending invitations for a wine tasting party or any party where the wine will flow freely, send a personalized and creative alternative to a paper invitation. Purchase miniature or inexpensive bottles of wine for each guest and replace the wine label with your party invitation. Create your invitation with your computer, make the label slightly bigger than the original label and neatly glue the invitation over the label. Make it even more special by tying a ribbon around the bottle for a little more embellishment.

Scrolled Announcement with Beaded Tassel

In ancient times, an invitation to a party or event was a big deal and warranted a hand-written scroll delivered to each guest. Create your own modern version by creating your own invitation on specialty paper with fancy lettering and rolling it into a scroll. Then make a small ribbon lariat with satin ribbon and strands of beads and crystals to form a tassel on each end of the ribbon. Tie the tasseled ribbon around your scroll for your own one-of-a-kind invitation.

Tri-Fold Invitation with Shell Closure

Even a beach party can start with a unique and elegant invitation. Purchase high-end, off-white textured paper for as the outer material for your invitation. Fold the textured paper in a tri-fold manner leaving at least one inch at the front, bottom to open the invitation. Then cut a smaller piece of heavy-weight white paper to fit inside the middle of the folded invitation to write your invitation. Use a decorative craft scissor to shape the edge of the tri-fold opening and secure the announcement by hot-gluing an actual seashell to the front.

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