Unique Couples Baby Shower Ideas

by Jennifer Leigh

Baby showers are not just for pregnant women these days; many significant others want to join in the fun, too. Involving couples in a baby shower brings a new element to the event, so it needs to be tailored appropriately to the group of people attending. The number of men and women should be approximately equal so that everyone feels comfortable at the shower.

Theme Party

Consider a fun theme party for a couples baby shower. A tropical theme with an outdoor setting works well in the summertime with whimsical drinks and food on the grill. Decorate with tiki torches and leis to provide a tropical feel, and don"t forget the umbrellas in the cocktails. A laid-back atmosphere without a focus on traditional baby shower games will make the event fun for everyone, as it will feel more like a get-together with friends than a baby shower.

Gag Gifts

Include Dad in the festivities by asking guests to bring gag gifts to give to him. Examples of ideas include coffee for staying awake late at night to feed the baby, a nose plug to use when changing the baby and 'World's Best Dad' T-shirts and other items. Ask your guests to be creative when thinking of gifts to make the gift-opening process fun for both members of the couples attending the shower.

Shower at the Office

Surprise a couple with a baby shower at the office where one or both works. Invite guests to meet at the end of the workday and to bring their significant others or partners. This shows that both members of the couple have support in having a baby, which is sometimes overlooked in traditional showers. Bring small gifts, beverages and snack food to provide the opportunity for co-workers to celebrate the baby along with their partners.

Fun Games

If you'll be playing games at the shower, focus on ones that will keep your guests laughing. Get your hands on a fake pregnant belly -- using pillows, fanny packs and hand weights -- for men and non-pregnant women to wear during a game of Twister. Play with normal rules and don't forget to have fun with it. Another game that members of both sexes can enjoy is a diaper-changing relay race with baby dolls. The team that manages to change the diaper, hand it off to the next player, and continue until all the players have gone wins a prize.

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