Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

by Cindy Dauer
Be creative to give your teenager a unique birthday party.

Be creative to give your teenager a unique birthday party.

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By the time your child is a teenager, he may have already had almost every type of birthday party imaginable. This year instead of going the traditional route, plan a party the likes of which your teen has never seen. Ensure your child and their guests have a party they will never forget by choosing a fun theme.

Mystery Theater

Someone at the party is guilty of murder. Give the guests clues to help them find the culprit. Bring in a professional theater troupe, or find a script and act out the drama yourselves. Once the murderer is fingered, celebrate by eating cake.

Red Carpet Party

Make the birthday party a formal event with a red carpet theme. Roll out an actual red carpet that guests walk down as they arrive. Be sure to have a few photographers on hand to snap pictures. Find a comedian to host a variety show that stars the guests. Let them showcase their talents, whether singing, dancing or acting.

Scavenger Hunt

Send the guests on a crazy scavenger hunt. Arm them with a bag, camera and pens to keep track of their items. Require them to collect some items, take photos of others and even perform tasks. Give the winning team a prize.

Casino Night

Give all of the guests the same amount of chips to start the night. Set up casino games like roulette, craps, black jack, poker and more. Let the guests gamble the night away. Have a store where guests can exchange chips for prizes. Crown the big winner of the night.

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