Unique Birthday Party Games

by Krystal Miller
Plan unique games that will stand out at your next birthday bash.

Plan unique games that will stand out at your next birthday bash.

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Keep your guests involved in the party and prevent boredom with unique birthday party games. When you plan unique party games, your birthday will stand out and guests will be talking about it for months to come. All you need is a creative imagination and a few supplies to create a variety of unique party games for your next birthday.


Start the party off with some unique icebreaker games to get the guests mingling and interacting with one another. Have each party guest select a partner that he does not know. The guests have 5 minutes to learn as much as they can about each other. After 5 minutes, each team must stand up and introduce one another to the rest of the party. Award prizes for the funniest, most creative and most unique introductions. Another unique icebreaker is a game of drop the sheet. Divide the players into two teams and hold a dark-colored sheet in between two players (one from each team). When the sheet drops, the player who calls out the other player's name first wins a point. The player can make funny faces to distract the other player. The team with the most points wins the game.

Balloon Games

Ask each player to select a partner and give each pair a balloon. Mark a starting and finish line. The teams must place the balloons between their backs and race to the finish line. If a team drops their balloon, they must start over. The first team to cross the finish line wins the race. Alternatively, have the teams hold the balloon between their foreheads, arms, legs, stomachs or under their necks for different races. You can also give each player a balloon and see who can blow up a balloon large enough that it pops in the fastest amount of time.


Host a variety of unique contests for your guests to participate in at your next birthday party. For example, you can have a flamingo contest by asking guests to stand on one foot. Another idea is to host an animal sound contest. Give the guests 5 minutes to practice their best animal noise. Have each guest do her best animal impersonation in front of the party guests. Award prizes to the best, most creative and most realistic animal noises.

Cotton Ball Games

Create a few games using an inexpensive bag of cotton balls. One game is to place a bowl of cotton balls in a player's lap. Blindfold the player and have him use a spoon to try to transfer cotton balls to an empty bowl on his head using only the spoon. The player who transfers the most in 2 minutes wins the game. For another game, give the players a jar of petroleum jelly and cotton balls. Tell the players to put some petroleum jelly on the end of their nose and stick cotton balls to their nose. The player who has the most cotton balls stuck to his nose after a minute wins the game.

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