Unique Birthday Invitations for a Mall Scavenger Hunt Party

by Jennifer Eblin
Try turning a map of the mall into a unique party invitation.

Try turning a map of the mall into a unique party invitation.

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Keep your guests entertained at your next birthday party by hosting a mall scavenger hunt party. Everyone meets at the mall, where they receive a list of hidden items they must find there. Some hosts distribute digital cameras to capture the guests in action, while others give each participant a set amount of money to purchase specific items. Regardless of the creative twist you use for the hunt, get your guests excited in advance with unique invitations.

Credit Card Invitations

Cut sheets of card stock in half, creating two large rectangles. Trim the edges, to give the invitations the round corners found on credit cards. Decorate the front of each card, making each one resemble a credit card. Write a fake number on the front with the guest's name above the number. In the lower right corner, create your own credit card logo with the name of the birthday boy or girl. Use the back of the card for the party details, including the address of the mall, the scavenger hunt theme and any additional items guests must bring, such as money for lunch.

Use Mall Maps

The next time you visit the mall, ask for a map from the information desk. If the desk does not have maps, then take a photograph of the information maps on display and scan it into your computer, printing one copy for each guest. Glue the map to a sheet of plain or brightly colored paper. Mark any important locations on each map with a highlighter and write a small number next to each location. On the back of the invitation, list the party details and a description of each important location. For example, location one is where everyone meets, location two is where you meet for a snack break and location three is the end meeting spot.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Treat each guest to a reusable shopping bag made from canvas or cloth. Decorate the outside of the bag with stickers shaped like numbers and letters that spell out the birthday party information. Write the details on a small sheet of paper and slide inside the bag. Each guest brings the bag with them for the scavenger hunt, but can later reuse it for their own shopping needs.

Blue Light Special

Create lightbulb shapes from sheets of blue construction paper. Cut the shapes from the paper and use black or silver markers on the bottom, creating the base of the bulb. On the front of the invitation write: "You're invited to a blue light special." List the details of the mall scavenger hunt party on the back of the invitation.

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