Unique Baby Shower Invitations for Twins

by Erin Ringwald
Create a two peas in a pod invitation for a twin baby shower.

Create a two peas in a pod invitation for a twin baby shower.

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Invitations for a twin shower announce to the guest that the parents-to-be are expecting two bundles of joy. Choose invitations to indicate the double joy -- or double trouble! -- they will experience. Using supplies from your local craft store, design your own invitations to match your party's theme.

Peas in a Pod

A common image for twins showers is two peas in a pod. Instead of using a generic store-bought invitation with a pea pod printed on it, design your own invitations in the shape of a pea pod. Cut a 5-inch by 7-inch pea pod shape from a piece of green card stock. Place the shape on the table, with the longest side of the pea pod placed vertically. Cut a slit that is 5-inches long down the center of the pea pod. On lighter green card stock, draw a figure eight, with each circle of the eight measuring 2 1/2-inches in diameter. Cut around the edge of the figure eight shape to create the two peas, which will represent the twins. Draw a face on each of the peas. On the back of the peas, write your party information. Insert the peas through the slit in the pea pod to finish the invitation.

Butterfly and Ladybugs

Many parents like to choose a color or a design to represent each child to give them individuality. For example if the babies are both girls, use a butterfly and ladybug theme. Start with a piece of card stock. Either fold the cardstock to create a bi-fold card or leave it flat like a piece of stationary. Attach a silk butterfly and ladybug to the front of a piece of card stock. Choose butterflies with the wings laying flat to make it easier to insert them in the envelope. If necessary, choose an envelope size larger than the card to accommodate the extra bulk. For example, if the cardstock is 4-inches by 6-inches, use a 5-inch by 7-inch envelope. Either write the invitation information on the inside of the card, if you folded it, or incorporate it in the design if you left the paper flat. Another idea is to create a flower shape out of card stock. Then, use rubber stamps to add butterflies and ladybugs to the invitations. Once you place the stamps, color them using markers. Leave room in your designs for the invitation information.

Frogs and Turtles

When the babies are boys, use frogs and turtles in place of butterflies and ladybugs. Place paper cutouts of frogs and turtles on the front of a piece of card stock. Create your own paper cutouts by drawing the creatures and cutting them out, or purchase paper appliques from the scrapbook department of your local craft store. Another idea is to create a lily pad shape out of a piece of green card stock. Then put a frog and turtle sticker onto the lily pad. Write your invitation information on the back.


If the parents-to-be opt not to find out the sex of the babies or if the babies are a boy and girl, use onesies for the invitation design. Onesies are the snap-bottom T-shirts for babies. Fold a piece of 10-inch by 8-inch card stock in half to create a 5-inch by 8-inch rectangle. Draw the shape of a onesie onto the card stock, keeping the edge of the sleeve flush with the folded edge of the card stock. Cut out the shape. When you open the card, it will be two onesies attached to one another. Decorate the onesies with yellow and green for a unisex look or pink and blue for a girl and boy. Write the party invitation on the inside of the folded onesie-shaped card. Use the same concept to create any baby-related shape, such as a bottle, rattle or diaper.

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