Unique Baby Shower Favors for Boys

by Jamie Farber
Special favors are appropriate for a baby shower for a little boy.

Special favors are appropriate for a baby shower for a little boy.

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Baby showers can range from small celebrations to large-scale parties. No matter the size, budget or guest list, however, all baby showers are held to honor a mom-to-be and her new baby. Hostesses often like to give the guests a small gift, or favor, at the end of the event. When the guest of honor is having a boy, there are several unique favors you can give that play on the baby boy theme.

Sweet Favors

A popular shower favor is one that can be consumed later by the guests. Consider making or purchasing sugar cookies in the shape of teddy bears, baby carriages, rattles or another baby themed item. The cookies should be covered with blue frosting and placed in clear plastic bags. You can also tie the bag with a blue ribbon. If you don't want to make cookies, but still want the food theme, consider small bags of blue chocolate coated candy, like M&Ms;, or large blue suckers. If guests do not know the gender of the baby in advance, consider cupcakes or individual cakes that have a blue filling, so guests find out the baby's gender when eating the favor.

Cold Weather Wear

Depending on the budget and number of guests attending your shower, you might consider a wrap, scarf or hat and glove set for each guest. The items should be blue, for the baby's gender. You can also have the baby's initials, if the name is known, or a small teddy bear embroidered on the item. To make this favor more affordable, look at discount stores near the end of the cold weather season. These favors make the most sense for showers in fall and winter, but they can be given year round.

Scented Lotion

Scented lotions are fairly commonplace and obvious for a baby shower gift, but you can take that favor to the next level by creating your own scent. Many bath stores allow you to mix a custom scent and have it added to lotion. You can also choose to make your own by purchasing unscented lotion and adding essential oils in scents like lavender or vanilla. Let the mom-to-be help design the scent so it reflects her tastes. You can add several drops of blue dye, which is available at craft stores, and place the lotion in plastic bottles. You also can create your own labels with a computer and label paper and place them on the bottles.

Boy Toys

Shower favors are supposed to remind guests of the event and give them something small to take home. You can keep the favor whimsical and child-like by giving out children's toys. You could choose to make up a small gift bag for each guest with bubbles in a blue bottle, small trains or cars, a blue baby rattle or other traditional boy toys. You could also consider purchasing blue kick balls or blue and white soccer balls and giving each guest one. The toys will be fun for the guests at the shower and, at home, they can either be used by other children or put away until the baby is old enough to play with them and comes for a visit.

Sports Team Shirt

If the dad-to-be -- or mom-to-be -- of the baby boy is a sports nut and is already planning his son's sports watching schedule, consider giving guests a favor that plays on that fact. For a baby who will come out of the womb cheering for the Detroit Tigers, for example, give guests a Tigers T-shirt or hat to commemorate the event. The Tigers gear will remind guests of the baby with every wearing and will also promote an interest the mom- or dad-to-be is planning to share with his son.

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