Unique Autumn Party Ideas for Invitations & Announcements

by Carolyn Scheidies
Use a variety of fall leaves to decorate an autumn party announcement.

Use a variety of fall leaves to decorate an autumn party announcement.

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Your party may celebrate a birthday or anniversary that happens to take place in the fall or a fall holiday such as Halloween or Thanksgiving. When you take the time to design unique, one-of-a-kind invitations and announcements for your autumn party, you show you care and you make your party stand out as one worth attending.

Autumn Leaves

You can collect fall leaves in a variety of colors and press them between paper towels or otherwise dry them to use on the front of your fall party invitation or announcement card. Display them in a semicircle with "You Are Invited" across the top, or add leaves to the corners with the text in the center. You could also make a collage of leaves on the card, adding text to the top, bottom or even down the sides of the card. Another idea is to use carbon paper between two pieces of paper and draw around the leaves you wish to use, then make a leaf rubbing. This re-creates the leaves on paper. You can then color, decorate any way you wish, cut out and use on the front of the autumn party announcement.

Autumn Flowers

Select flowers that bloom in the fall such as aster, black-eyed Susan, dahlia, goldenrod and shasta. Flatten a flower and use it on the front of your autumn party postcard-style invitation. Around the flower you can add information about your party. Alternatively, you can layer fall flower petals in a design of your choice on your autumn party invitation or you can create a garden or tree from the flowers or use orange and brown petals to make a pumpkin for a Halloween autumn party theme. If the party is for a child, ask your children to draw or color flowers on the front of the party announcement using fall colors.

Autumn Colors

Autumn typically displays shades of dark green and yellow, orange and brown. You can focus your autumn party announcements or invitations on color by creating a design from construction or other colored paper using fall colors. One idea is to cut different small shapes and glue them on the card for a stained-glass look, or you can create a stained-glass look around the edges of the card by alternating fall colors with crayons or markers. Layer colors with one color, such as orange against a larger card of dark green layer on a larger card of brown. You can place text in black with the who, what, when, why and where of the autumn party on the smallest orange card and add other information in white around the edges of the larger cards.

Matching Envelopes

A unique autumn party invitation and announcement should go into an envelope that matches the card. If you used leaves on the card, use leaves on the envelope. If you used flowers or lots of color, have the envelope reflect the card inside as part of your unique party invitation. Use stickers on the corners of the envelope of leaves, flowers or whatever you used for your invitation theme. You can even design special return address labels with a leaf or other graphic or add an illustration of a leaf or flower to the envelope flap or use colored envelops instead of plain white.

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