The Underwater World SCUBA Camp in Warminster, Pennsylvania

by Barbara Bean-Mellinger
Kids learn the basics of scuba diving at scuba camp.

Kids learn the basics of scuba diving at scuba camp.

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Underwater World offers a summer Scuba Camp for kids in the Philadelphia area. The scuba facility partners with Elbow Lane Day Care to hold the camp on the day care's site in Warrington, which is near the town of Warminster. Kids learn the basics of scuba diving, including proper techniques and safety precautions, in a summer day camp on weekdays.

Camp Specifics

Underwater World ( offers a Scuba Camp for kids each summer, usually for one week in June and another camp for one week in August. Both camps are held Monday through Friday, from morning through late afternoon. The camp is held at the Elbow Lane Day Camp facility, 828 Elbow Lane in Warrington, Pennsylvania.

Kids' Ages

Scuba camp is geared for kids ages 10 to 16. All instructions, including skills and safety procedures, are explained so children of these ages can understand them clearly. The camp groups children so they learn with others their age.

Scuba Skills Learned

Certified instructors from Underwater World teach kids how to use scuba diving equipment properly, how to plan a dive, the proper kicking technique, and diving physiology such as how to keep ears from hurting when diving deep. The students also learn about the marine environment and the marine life in the area.

Safety Skills Taught

Safety skills emphasize using the buddy system at all times and why it is important. Students learn the proper ways to clear their masks and regulators during the dive. They also learn how and why to evaluate diving conditions before going in the water and to check conditions again during the dive to determine whether it's safe to continue their dive or end the dive.

After the Camp

After the week-long camp, students may either proceed to dives that are required for scuba certification or take more lessons until they are ready to take the required dives. Underwater World offers classes for beginners up through advanced students and specialty classes about underwater photography, specialized equipment, refresher courses, fish identification.

Camp Costs

The cost for Underwater World's Scuba Camp has been between $200 and $300. When a student is ready to take the two dives required for certification, whether at the end of camp or later, the dives cost additional in the range of $200 to $300.

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