Underwater Party Themes

by Kristen Marquette

A romantic, surreal and magical world full of funny-looking fish, colorful coral and lost treasures exists below the surface of the sea. You can bring that mystical underwater experience to dry land by throwing an underwater-themed party. An under-the-sea theme works well for a variety of events, including romantic school dances and magical birthday parties.


Create your own underwater-themed invitations. Write all the party information on a piece of paper or card stock and laminate to make it water proof. Fill resealable plastic bags with sand, small sea shells, water and blue food coloring. Insert the invitation into the water and seal the bag. Alternatively, hand out message-in-a-bottle invitations. Pour a little bit of sand, glitter and small shells into a clear plastic or glass bottle. Write the party information of a piece of parchment, roll the parchment up, tie a string around it and insert it into the bottle.


Make your party space look like the ocean floor. Cover the lighting with blue cellophane to give the room an underwater ambience. Hang green streamers from the ceiling and windows as seaweed. Cut colorful fish, starfish, jellyfish, seahorses, octopuses and other sea creatures out of construction paper and hang them from the ceiling or tape them to the walls. Construct a shipwreck or the ruins of a sunken city out of cardboard or plywood. Use fish bowls or small aquariums filled with real fish or sand and shells for centerpieces. Alternatively, display treasure chests filled with gold coins, pearls and gems for centerpieces.

Party Food

For older party guests, serve sushi, fish fillets or calamari. Younger guests who might be picky eaters will probably eat fish sticks and chips or shell pasta with tomato sauce. Serve snack crackers shaped like fish or fish-shaped cookies. Give your beverages an underwater makeover by freezing gummy sharks or dolphin candy into ice cubes. Add the ice cubes to a blue colored fruit punch or Kool-Aid. For dessert, bake or purchase a cake shaped like a sea creature, diver or mermaid. Let kids make their own sundaes in sand pails.


Plan underwater games to keep your guests entertained. Hire a face painter to paint the guests favorite sea creatures on their face. Play Pin the Fin on the Shark. Arrange an underwater scavenger hunt where the guests receive a list of underwater objects they must collect, such as a sand dollar, clam shell or fake pearl. Fill a kiddie pool with sand and hide sea shells, polished rocks, plastic gems and coins in the sand, then send the guests beach-combing in the pool.

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