Umbrella Themed Bridal Shower

by Rose Sartaguda

You can never go wrong when utilizing an umbrella theme, as it is one of the longest-running traditions in bridal showers. It originated with the custom of using an umbrella to store the gifts for the bride, so when she opens it, she is literally showered with the gifts. Nowadays, a modern version of the custom is adopted, with friends tucking bills instead of gifts inside the umbrella to shower the bride with money.


Have invitations printed with an umbrella design, shaped like an umbrella, or better yet, send little parasols with the details of the shower tied to the handles or printed on the fabric itself. This is a creative way to let the guests know what the theme of the shower will be and what to expect. It also allows them to prepare accordingly, with gifts and gift wrappings or trimmings incorporating the motif.


Decorate the venue with beach umbrellas, Japanese parasols or Victorian-inspired lace umbrellas, whichever suits the bride's style. Use umbrella-shaped balloons to adorn the place, tableware with umbrella details, cute mini-umbrellas as table centerpieces, or scatter confetti shaped likewise. An outdoor venue is also ideal, as you can set up tables with umbrella shades. For an indoor venue, set up a corner with a couch and a huge parasol in the bridal color over it, to distinguish the bride's special seating.


Ask your cake designer to create a cake in the shape of an umbrella or with umbrella details. Serve parasol-shaped cookies, pastries, chocolates and sweets. Use tiny umbrellas as cocktail or food platter ornaments.


Buy or create little parasols in the wedding colors. Tie ribbons bearing the bride's name and shower date on the parasols to serve as pretty souvenirs. Or, get other useful items the girls would love, such as scarves, flip-flops or journals with umbrella designs. If the wedding will be on the beach or outdoors on a sunny day, give away real umbrellas and instruct the guests to bring them along on the wedding day.

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