Ultimate Jenga Rules

by Brenton Shields
The loser of the game is the one who causes the tower to fall.

The loser of the game is the one who causes the tower to fall.

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Jenga is a game requiring careful removal of blocks from a tower, which are then placed above the lower blocks to create a taller, skinnier and far less stable tower above. Players must be very careful not to knock over the tower as they remove various blocks and place them on top, as the player who knocks the tower over is declared the loser. Jenga Ultimate is a variation on the classic game that involves colored blocks.

Basic Jenga

Basic Jenga is played with 54 wooden blocks, each three times longer than they are wide. Three blocks lay adjacent to each other, then three more adjacent blocks are laid perpendicularly atop those until a tower is made. Each player takes a turn removing any block he chooses and placing it atop the tower. The Jenga tower becomes less stable as time goes on, and the player who causes it to fall loses.

Jenga Ultimate

Jenga Ultimate employs the same basic rules as standard Jenga, with the exception that the blocks are color coded. It uses black, red and unpainted wooden blocks. During each turn, a player rolls a die to determine which colored block she must remove. This adds a new dimension to the game, as players are given fewer options as to which blocks they can remove.

Detailed Rules

You must complete one story at a time when stacking the blocks. Each story is three adjacent blocks. The structure must stand for at least 10 seconds after you have stacked a block or until the next player has begun his turn. If you move a block during your turn but decide not to remove it, you must move the block back into place. You are the loser if the tower falls.

Throw n' Go Jenga

Throw n' Go Jenga was released after Ultimate Jenga. It uses the exact same rules as Jenga Ultimate, where players roll a die to determine the color of a block they must remove. The blocks, however, are colored red, yellow and blue. The die also determines which end the block must be removed from, adding yet another dimension to the game.

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