Typical Baby Shower Games

by Carla Snuggs
Play classic baby shower games to help break the ice.

Play classic baby shower games to help break the ice.

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A baby shower would not be complete without amusing party games. Baby shower games make the event truly special and memorable for the mother to-be. They help break the ice, allowing guests get to interact and get know each other better. Host classic, comical baby shower games that involve the thrill of guessing and winning prizes.

Poopy Diaper

To play the poopy diaper game, baby diapers are filled with melted chocolate candy bars.. Melt five chocolate candy bars separately in a microwave. Spoon the melted chocolate into five separate baby diapers. Provide each guest with a pen and paper and ask her to guess what kind of candy bar is in the diaper using her senses of smell and sight. The guest with the most correct guesses wins.

Guess the Size of Mom's Tummy

In this typical baby shower game, guests will guess the size of the pregnant woman's stomach. Provide a roll of ribbon for each guest. Alternatively, provide a roll of toilet paper and allow each guest to tear off or cut the length she believes will fit around the mother's stomach. The guest whose ribbon is closest to the correct length wins.

Guess the Baby Food

Buy 12 jars of baby food in pairs of similar colors. For instance, pair a jar of peaches with a jar of sweet potatoes, a jar of peas with a jar of green beans and a jar of bananas with a jar of pears. Use a marker to write the numbers 1 through 12 on the lid of the baby food jars. Next, remove the lid and the label and write the corresponding number on the back of the jar's label. Use the labels as an answer key. Guests must figure out which baby food is in the baby food jar by sight alone and write their guesses on a piece of paper; they cannot taste or smell the baby food. The baby shower guest with the most correct answers wins.

Don't Say "Baby"

The object of the "Don't Say Baby" game is to avoid saying the word "baby" during the baby shower. Give all guests one baby diaper pin. No one is allowed to say the word "baby" in a conversation for the duration of the baby shower. If a guest hears someone use the word, she can take that person's diaper pin. The guest who collects the most diaper pins wins.

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