Twister Game Rules

by Monika Weise
You can play Twister with up to four people.

You can play Twister with up to four people.

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Get active at your next party by playing Twister, which can be played with two, three or four people. If you have a bigger crowd, you can team up and play, so Twister is a game that can be enjoyed at any party. The stretching and contorting give you a good workout and makes everyone laugh. The rules of Twister are simple, making it a game that can be enjoyed by almost all ages.

Basic Game Rules

Start your Twister game by setting up. Place the Twister mat on the floor or ground and the spinner on a level surface. All players should remove their shoes. Choose a referee.

Two Player Game Rules

Two players should stand at opposite ends of the Twister sheet -- choose the ends that say "Twister." Both players start by puttin one foot on a blue circle and the other on a yellow circle. The referee will spin the spinner and the color circle on which the players should place either a hand or foot. Choose a vacant circle. If players end up on the same circle, the referee decides who was there first. One player must move. If a color is called, you must touch that color with your foot or hand even though your foot or hand may already be on a circle of that color. Do not move except as directed by the referee, or without asking the referee if you need to temporarily raise your hand or foot. Once a player falls or touches the vinyl sheet with their knee or elbow, that player loses. Don't kill yourself to make the positions -- if you feel you are unable to do a move, concede the game.

Three Player Game Rules

Play is the same except for the initial positioning. Two players should stand as in the rules for a two player game. The third player should stand two red circles on the side, and face the center of the Twister sheet. The winner will be the last remaining player who has not fallen or allowed an elbow or knee to touch the Twister sheet.

Four Player Game Rules

Two teams are formed of two players each. Each team will stand in the circles at the opposite ends of the sheet. The members of each team should be facing one another. Play is almost the same as the two player game, with the exception that two members of the same team can be on the same circle at the same time. However, only one player in a team has to fall or allow a foot or elbow to touch the sheet to lose the game for the team.


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