What TV Cable Company is in Charlotte, Michigan?

by Kristy Ambrose
Virtually every home in Charlotte Michigan can get cable television.

Virtually every home in Charlotte Michigan can get cable television.

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Satellite and high definition signals dominate the television subscription market, making cable television seem obsolete. However, there are several companies in Charlotte, Michigan that offer cable television services along with other home entertainment options such as high-speed Internet. Some of these companies also include hardware with their cable television packages.

Cable TV Companies

AT&T; is the largest cable company operating in Charlotte. Another big player is Comcast. Both of these cable TV providers have a national presence, serving virtually the entire country. The national websites for these companies allow you to check on local availability using your zip code. Local cable TV companies include Horizon Cablevision in Charlotte and Springcom, based in nearby Springport Michigan.

Prices and Rates

Cable television offerings in Charlotte start with a basic cable package that becomes progressively more expensive depending on the features you want and the hardware you need (if any). There is often an introductory rate for the first six months. Prices also depend on how long you plan on keeping the service and whether or not you subscribe to other services like cell phone or Internet through the same company.


Charlotte's biggest cable TV companies offer additional services such as phone and Internet packages that can be bundled together with the cable. Packages include options for data transfer, travel roaming rates, digital cable and wireless Internet. AT&T; and Comcast offer the most variety in this regard. However, Springcom also offers bundles that include DSL Internet and long distance phone plans.

Hardware Needed

The hardware you will need to enjoy cable television depends on what kind of cable TV service you decide on. Basic cable, which is offered by every TV cable company operating in Charlotte, only requires a cable and the proper outlet. If you are getting service through AT&T; or Comcast, you also have the option of getting services like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which requires a headset and U-verse TV, which needs a special receiver.

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