How to Turn While Skateboarding

by Nick Mann
Learning to turn while skateboarding is an essential step.

Learning to turn while skateboarding is an essential step.

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Learning the fundamentals of skateboarding is a necessary part of progressing to more elaborate tricks and maneuvers. One of the most basic skills of skateboarding is learning to turn. Having this skill will help you guide yourself in whichever direction you choose. Fortunately, turning on a skateboard is one of the simpler moves and can be quickly learned by most skaters when following a few steps.

Step 1

Start off at a slow speed when first learning to turn. Moving too quickly can be dangerous, so wait until you have the hang of turning before accelerating.

Step 2

Position yourself in your normal stance. "Regular-footed" skaters will have the left foot in front, and "goofy-footed" skaters will have the right foot in front.

Step 3

Place your front foot on top or near the front trucks. Place your back foot on top or near the back trucks. Since the trucks are responsible for making turns, your feet need to be in close proximity to them. It's also important to make sure that you're stabilized and are maintaining balance before proceeding any further.

Step 4

Apply pressure to your toes if you want to turn inward. Apply pressure to your heels if you want to turn outward. To increase the the degree of a turn, simply add more pressure to either your toes or heels. During this time, you should lean your body weight slightly with the turn while keeping the bulk of your weight centered. Shifting too much of your weight could cause you to fall off the skateboard.

Step 5

Release the pressure from your toes or heels in order to go straight again. This will center the weight distribution on your trucks and bring you back to riding in a straight line.

Tips & Warnings

  • Loosen your skateboard's trucks if you want to make it easier to turn.
  • While turning is relatively simple, it usually takes some time to really get a feel for it. Just keep practicing!

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