How to Turn a Skateboard Into a Snowboard

by David Montoya
Old, yet sturdy, skateboards make perfect candidates for a snowboard alteration.

Old, yet sturdy, skateboards make perfect candidates for a snowboard alteration.

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That old, beat up skateboard in your closet doesn't need to stay there and take up valuable space since it provides the perfect foundation to create your own homemade snowboard. As long as the skateboard is structurally sound -- showing no apparent cracks or other damage -- just make a few quick alterations to remove unnecessary parts and add a mechanism to secure your feet. The alteration works perfectly on all slopes and keeps you from spending a large sum in a store on a new snowboard.

Items you will need

  • Chalk
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Snowboard binding
  • Screw
  • Power drill
Step 1

Stand on top of the skateboard and pay attention to where your feet naturally position themselves. The natural position gives you the most balance. Outline your feet with chalk, or have a friend do it while you're standing, to mark your position.

Step 2

Flip the skateboard upside-down and remove the trucks, the mechanism attached to the bottom of the board that holds the wheels. Several screws or bolts hold the trucks in place. Remove the riser, the small piece which lays between the trucks and the board, as well. The skateboard will have a completely flat underside when you finish with this step.

Step 3

Place a pair of bindings, the boot-like mechanism used to hold a snowboarder's feet in place, over the spot where you traced your foot. Line up the bindings with the outline of your feet so the bindings help you balance on the board.

Step 4

Fasten the bindings onto the skateboard. Locate the screw holes on the bottom of the bindings, then use a power drill and the screws that came with the binding to attach both pieces to the skateboard.

Step 5

Give your bindings a quick tug to see if they sit in position tightly. Tighten up the screws if the bindings feel loose. You can take your homemade snowboard out on the slopes when you fasten the bindings and they fit well.

Tips & Warnings

  • You don't need a power drill when attaching bindings to a snowboard since a snowboard already has screw holes that align with the binding. However, since a skateboard does not have these screw holes, you need to screw through the skateboard with a power drill.

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