How to Turn a Girl While Dancing

by Kimberly Turtenwald
Turning your girl adds variety to your dance steps.

Turning your girl adds variety to your dance steps.

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Whether you are going to your first high school dance or you are looking to wow your partner at your wedding reception, learning to dance can help you interact well with your partner. While many people rely on the beat of the music and just move as they wish, others prefer to learn some moves. Some of these moves can be complicated, while others are easier to learn. Turning your partner around does not take a lot of skill and can be adapted to many styles of dancing.

Left Turn

Step 1

Dance to the music for awhile to establish the speed and beat of the music. Once you have the speed of your dancing established, you can move on to the turn.

Step 2

Lift your left arm up and to her right to lead her into the turn. Maintain contact between your hands, but keep your grip light. Your hand should remain directly above her head.

Step 3

Step to your left about a quarter of a turn to meet your partner when she completes her three-quarters of a turn.

Step 4

Lower your arm and gently pull her back toward you to continue dancing.

Right Turn

Step 1

Dance to the beat of the music for awhile to establish the speed at which you need to dance.

Step 2

Lift your left arm to your partner's left to lead her into a turn to your right. Your arm will cross in front of her face. Keep your hand directly above her head during the turn with her fingers held lightly in yours.

Step 3

Lower your arm back to its original position and draw her back into your dancing stance to continue dancing.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid forcing your partner into a turn. Gently guide her with your arms to show her what you want her to do. Forcing the turn can hurt your partner.

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