Turkey Terra-Cotta Pot Craft

by Christi Aldridge

A turkey planter pot makes a cute addition to a Thanksgiving table, or a lovely front porch decoration to greet friends when they come over during the fall season. It is simple to make and you can use a variety of materials. Include kids to make it a family-friendly fall craft project.


To create a turkey planter pot, make a trip to the craft store. You need a clay, terra-cotta pot, any size you would like to use. Brown acrylic paint and a paintbrush are needed also. For the turkey's head, a wooden ball or brown modeling clay can be used. If you aren't very artistic, the wooden ball would be easier if you don't want to mold the turkey's head yourself. Feathers in various colors, red and yellow felt, googly eyes, scissors and a hot glue gun finish the project.

Body and Head

Flip the terra-cotta pot over and paint the entire pot dark brown. This will give it a more realistic turkey color. If you're using a wooden ball for the head, paint the ball too and let both items dry completely according to the paint instructions. For the wooden ball head, use hot glue to attach it to the bottom of the planter. For modeling clay, mold the head out of clay and glue it to the planter the same way. Glue a couple of googly eyes to the ball or clay head, and cut a small triangle out of yellow felt for the turkey's beak. Glue that underneath the googly eyes.


Use the hot glue gun to place feathers to the back of the planter. These can be any color, but fall-themed colors look best. Stick to darker colors like orange, brown and yellow for a fall-themed planter. Fan out the feathers like a turkey's tail would look, and add a lot of feathers to make it stand out. The feathers can go all around the back of the pot and a few can stick out from the sides.


Give the turkey a wattle by cutting an oval-shaped piece out of red felt and gluing it to the front of the pot, underneath the turkey's head. Cut turkey feet out of yellow felt. The feet should have three claws and can be attached to the rim of the planter with the hot glue gun. To further decorate your turkey, add fun additions like a bow tie, a hair bow or anything else you'd like. Allow the turkey to completely dry before moving it and displaying it.