Turkey Craft for Kids Using a Paper Plate

by Nicole Schmoll
Entertain kids with a turkey craft while they wait for Thanksgiving dinner to be served.

Entertain kids with a turkey craft while they wait for Thanksgiving dinner to be served.

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Turkeys are one of the most celebrated, and easy to make, fall kid-friendly crafts. With everyday materials and their own hands, kids can create a turkey craft that they and their parents will be proud to hang on the wall all holiday long. A turkey paper plate craft project is also a pleasant activity kids can enjoy making with family and friends to pass the time while waiting for the big Thanksgiving meal to be prepared and served.


You probably have everything you need to make this turkey paper plate craft in your pantry. All you need is a 9-inch paper plate; acrylic paint in yellow, gold, brown, orange, green, red, white and black; a black permanent marker; a small paintbrush; felt in red, orange, yellow, brown and white; a pair of scissors and white school glue.


Turn the plate upside down. Let the child write his name and the date on the back of the plate with a black permanent marker. Paint the entire front of the plate with gold acrylic paint. Let the plate dry for 20 minutes. While the plate dries, help the child cut various fall colors of felt into 1-by-1-inch squares. Trace the child's left handprint onto the center of the plate with a pencil. Paint in the palm and thumbprint with brown acrylic paint. Paint the fingers red, yellow, green and orange. Add a white eye with black pupil, orange beak and red gobbler hanging beneath the beak to the tip of the thumbprint. Print two small stick legs beneath the turkey's body. Place one dot of white school glue on the back of each felt square and glue them around the rim of the plate. Let the entire craft dry.

Finished Product

The finished craft should look like a festive paper plate, rimmed in a fall-felt border with a child-size turkey in the center. The craft is not only a fitting decoration for the Thanksgiving weekend and coming fall days before winter approaches, but also a sentimental keepsake that kids may enjoy looking back on when they're older, seeing how their hands and art skills have grown.


Tape a magnet to the back of the plate with double-sided tape to display the finished craft project on a metal surface, such as a refrigerator. Or, punch two holes spaced 3 inches apart in the top of the plate and run a piece of string through them to create a hanger for the craft. Instead of paint, trace your child's handprint onto a piece of brown construction paper and glue that to the front of the plate. Cut out different colors of construction paper to fit over the fingertips. Or, trace the child's footprint onto a piece of brown construction paper and use that for the turkey's body. Glue it to the front of a multicolored paper plate which serves as the turkey's tail feathers. Add feet and a beak out of orange construction paper to the body of the turkey (see Resources for additional ideas).

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