The "Tuck Everlasting" Movie Plot Summary

by Shaunta Alburger

"Tuck Everlasting" is a PG-rated film based on Natalie Babbitt's children's book with the same title. It is appropriate for families with older children, with parental supervision for a few scenes that depict violence and romance. It tells a story of a young girl who learns about family commitment, moral decisions and love.


The movie "Tuck Everlasting" is an adaptation of the book with the same title written by Natalie Babbitt. The movie tells the story of Winnie Foster, a teenager in 1914, who seeks freedom and adventure. She meets the Tuck family, who have discovered a magic spring that gives them everlasting youth. Winnie thinks drinking from the spring would be a blessing, but the Tucks know it is also a curse.


Winnie Foster is a privileged girl who feels smothered by her overbearing parents. The Tucks include a mother, father and two brothers. Winnie develops a crush on Jesse Tuck, who, it turns out, is considerably older than her 15. While she wants to drink from the spring and stay young with Jesse and the other Tucks forever, in the end she realizes her presence will endanger their secret and doesn't.


A major theme in Tuck Everlasting is youth and growing up. Winnie has the choice to drink from the spring and stay in her youthful teenage body forever, never dying. But doing so would endanger the family she's come to love. Another theme is freedom, including Winnie's desire for it and the Tuck family's seeming abundance of it. Those who watch this movie have the opportunity to explore whether the responsibility that comes with owning something like a fountain of youth leads to greater or lesser freedom.

Differences from Book

In the book, Winnie Foster is 10. In the movie, she is 15. This allows the love relationship between her and Jesse Tuck to develop in a way it doesn't in the book. The book takes place in 1880, rather than 1914 as in the movie. At the end of the movie, Jesse visits Winnie's grave and sees that she lived for 100 years. In the book she lived to be 78. In the book, Jesse's brother liked Winnie and trusted her, even vying for her attention. In the movie, the brother doesn't trust Winnie.