What Are Tricks to Win the Game Solitaire?

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At the beginning of a game of solitaire, some faced down stacks are much longer than others.

At the beginning of a game of solitaire, some faced down stacks are much longer than others.

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If you frequently get stuck on solitaire, there are tricks you can learn to win the game. Solitaire is traditionally played using a deck of cards, but it is also included with all Windows computers. The Players reorganize a deck of cards in descending numerical order alternating red and black suits. Tricks relate to face down cards, the stock pile of cards you can draw from, arranging cards on the board and making suit stacks.

Face Down Cards Tips

The majority of the cards on the game board at the beginning of the game are face down in seven stacks. These cards can be a hindrance if you end up needing one that is face down. Focus on uncovering cards that are face down as a priority. If there is a move you can make that will uncover a face down card, this move should take priority over all other moves. Focus on uncovering the cards in the longest stack first, because if you need a card towards the bottom of one of them near the end of the game, it can be very difficult to obtain.

Stock Pile Tips

The "stock pile" of cards is the portion of the deck that can be drawn from in threes. Some players suggest looking through the entire stock pile prior to starting the game. This teaches you which cards you have available. Only draw a card from the stock pile if you are stuck with the ordinary game board. This helps you focus on re-arranging the board rather than adding more clutter. If a card comes up in the stock pile that can't be played on the game board, you can move it to the suit stack if possible. Avoid drawing three cards in a row from the stock pile, because the order of them won't change.

Arranging Tips

Most of the solitaire game play revolves around arranging the cards on the main game board. Only move a card on the game board if there is an immediate gain to the move. For example, if you have a seven of clubs that you could move to the eight of hearts, only do it if you can unlock a face down card. Create a free column if you have a king waiting to be put into the place, if not, do not move the card. Leave yourself with as many options as possible, because the card you take up by an unnecessary move could block a necessary move later down the line.

Suit Stacking Tips

Building stacks of each individual suit is the main aim of the game solitaire, but many tricks exist relating to when to build the stacks. Only build onto your suit stacks when it will allow a face down card to be uncovered, even if through a multiple-move chain, or clear a column with a king waiting to be placed into it. It is also advised to try to build your suit stack evenly. If you can start two columns on the game board with one black suit and one red suit, use those two suits alternately across the two stacks. This means that you can make suit stacks very easily when it comes to it.


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