Tricks to Do at a Slumber Party for Tweens

by Mary Sharp
Playing tricks at a slumber party always gets a laugh.

Playing tricks at a slumber party always gets a laugh.

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It's no secret that tweens love slumber parties. They offer a chance to stay up late, snack on junk food and gossip with friends. But, as everyone knows, one of the best parts of a slumber party is the time and opportunities they afford tweens for playing tricks and pulling pranks. But the tweens don't have to be the only ones -- if you're supervising the party, you can pull a few pranks of your own.

Mouse in My Pizza

At your tween slumber party, order pizza for the guests. When it arrives, have the guests go sit at the table. Once they are out of sight, slip a rubber or plastic mouse into the pizza box. If there is more than one pizza box, put the one with the fake mouse in the middle of the stack. Bring the pizza boxes to the table and wait for the squeals when the mouse is discovered. You can ask "Didn't you order mouse-flavored pizza?" or say "What did you expect when you asked for extra cheese?"

Shaving Cream in the Sleeping Bags

If the tweens are sleeping in sleeping bags, this is a trick that will get everyone laughing. First, make sure that everyone's sleeping bag is washing machine safe and that you have plenty of extra bedding to use while the bags are in the laundry. This trick can get messy! Have all of the guests set up their sleeping bags in the sleeping area, then send them to another part of the house to watch a movie, play a game or eat snacks. Once everyone is gone, spray the inside of the sleeping bags, at the very bottom of each bag, with shaving cream. When it's time for bed, have them race to get in their sleeping bags. Once their feet hit the ooey, gooey shaving cream, they will not know what it is!

Movie Comes to Life

One of the best parts of a tween slumber party is the chance to watch scary movies together. Pick a movie with a villain you can dress up like, such as the hooded maniac in "Scream" or a vampire in "Twilight." During an especially scary scene of the movie, wait until all eyes are glued to the screen. Then, suddenly, jump out in front of the television dressed as the villain. You'll scare the guests into thinking the movie has come to life.

Noise Violation

This is a good trick to play at an especially noisy slumber party. Wait until the noise level is at a maximum, then exit a side or back door and put on a policeman's uniform. To make it more authentic, ask a neighbor or friend who the guests won't recognize to dress as a police officer. Carry a realistic-looking notebook for writing "tickets." Knock loudly on the front door. When the guests answer the door, tell them in a stern voice that there have been several noise complaints and that you'll have to write each a $100 ticket and call the parents. After a few minutes, let the kids in on the prank.

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