Treat Sacks for a 4-Year-Old's Birthday Party

by Chelsea Oliver

Treat sacks, or goody bags, are an essential element of children's birthday parties. Traditionally given to guests as departure gifts, treat sacks are many children's favorite part of birthday parties. If you are throwing a party for your child's 4th birthday, forgo the typical candy and plastic toys in favor of healthier, more creative goody bags.

Edible Treats

In place of chocolate and candy, add a variety of healthy, preschooler-friendly treats to your child's birthday party goody bags. If none of the guests has allergies, include small baggies of trail mix that consists of nuts, raisins, dried fruit and chocolate chips. Many 4-year-old children love cheese crackers, such as Goldfish, and fruit leather. You can also include a single decorated cookie or cupcake in each treat bag.

Arts and Crafts

Preschoolers are often intrigued and excited by arts and crafts. In place of small plastic toys, fill your guest's treat sacks with supplies they can use at home. These materials can include small containers of modeling clay, crayons, coloring pages, markers, paints, notepads and paintbrushes. You can also include the materials to complete a small art project in your child's party treat sacks. The Vancouver Mom website suggests, for example, including a small box of plastic beads and craft lace for making bracelets and necklaces.


Most 4-year-old children love being active and spending time outdoors. Fill your child's birthday treat sacks with items the party guests can use outside. Choose items appropriate for preschoolers, such as blowing bubbles, skipping ropes, sidewalk chalk, shovels, buckets and nets for catching bugs and butterflies. Parents will appreciate their children receiving useful items that encourage them to be active outdoors.


If your 4-year-old is having a themed birthday party, include treat sacks that fit the theme. For example, send the guests of a garden-themed party home with small flower pots filled with seed packets and children's gardening tools. For a pirate-themed party, the Vancouver Mom website suggests including fabric markers and white bandannas for children to personalize. If your child enjoys baking, fill his or her guest's treat sacks with a recipe and pre-measured dry ingredients.

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