Treasure Hunting Near Moreno Valley, California

by Melissa McCormick
Search for gold treasures around Moreno Valley, California.

Search for gold treasures around Moreno Valley, California.

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Moreno Valley is in Riverside County in the southeastern portion of California. The first inhabitants of the area were Native Americans, followed by Spanish explorers. Nearly 100 years later, in 1850, California became a state. During this time, the California Gold Rush was underway. Some gold was found in Riverside County, near Moreno Valley. While people settled in the area between 1890 and today, it wasn't until 1984, that the area officially became the city of Moreno Valley. People still hunt the county hoping to find treasures, especially due to the high current value of gold.

Gold Maps

Gold maps ( is a California company that produces maps for finding treasures such as gold throughout California. The company sells maps that define potential hot spots for recreational gold panning, gold prospecting and treasure hunting in six areas of California known as the California gold regions. Riverside County, where Moreno Valley is located, is considered to be part of California Gold Region One. This region is home to a variety of gold mines and can still be hunted for gold today as long as the land is public property. Recreational treasure hunters do not require a permit to recreationally hunt public lands and streams in Riverside County, including national forest areas as long as no machinery is used.

Gold Fever Prospecting

Gold Fever Prospecting ( is a company that gold hunts throughout California and sells recreational gold panning and prospecting equipment as well as maps and books. The company also gives tours and lessons on searching for treasures in the Riverside County area. Some areas the treasure hunting company focuses on near Moreno Valley include The McCoy Mountain District, The Lost Horse Mine, The New Eldorado Mine, Good Hope Mine and The Palen Mountains. These mines are not manned and should be searched with professional gold hunters.

Gilman Historic Ranch and Wagon Museum

Gilman Historic Ranch and Wagon Museum ( is a museum within Riverside County Park and less than 20 miles from Moreno Valley. The museum features a collection of artifacts related to California history including the California Gold Rush. In addition, visitors can make reservations to learn about the California Gold Rush which includes the instructional opportunity to pan for real gold in Riverside County. The museum also features a historic house and carriage and was once visited by President William Taft.

American Prospector Treasure Seeker

American Prospector Treasure Seeker ( is located in Temecula within Riverside County, approximately 35 miles from Moreno Valley. The company's mission is to educate the public on gold prospecting, metal detecting and gem and relic hunting. The company sells recreational gold panning and prospecting equipment as well as teaches gold panning lessons and provides treasure-hunting outings and excursions throughout Riverside County.

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