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3-Star Hotels Near Ye Olde Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe, Phoenix, Arizona

AAA defines a three-star hotel as having a "distinguished style" and "marked upgrades in physical attributes, amenities and guest comforts." Finding such a hotel near Phoenix's Ye Olde Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe is not a difficult endeavor because of its location in the luxurious Biltmore District, six miles northeast of downtown.

4-Star Hotels in West Virginia

West Virginia, located in the middle of the Allegheny Mountain range, features rugged terrain, plenty of nationally protected forest land and a wealth of outdoor activities. The state also features several hotels that have been recognized with four stars by national organizations like Forbes and AAA. These high-end hotel destinations include a pair of resorts and a European-inspired inn.

5 Star Hotels in North Carolina

Every year Forbes Travel Guide issues the much coveted Five Star Award to hotels around the world that demonstrate the highest level of quality and service within the hospitality industry. Forbes rates hotels according to a thorough inspection of an establishment's facilities, including cleanliness, physical condition and location, as well as services, consisting a 500 checkpoint evaluation. In 2010 only two hotels in North Carolina were awarded five stars.

Accommodations in the Hamptons, New York

When the Long Island Railroad linked New York City to Westhampton Beach in the late 1800s, residents started making a profit renting rooms to city-dwellers. When the Kennedy family declared the Hamptons their summertime "Camelot," the picturesque cluster of villages and towns emerged as the place to be for society's elite. Independent inns offer respite for history buffs and hipsters alike a mere 100 miles from Manhattan on the east end of Long Island.

Accommodations in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida is the No. 1 visited city in America. The city serves as an epicenter for business and family entertainment. Numerous theme parks call Orlando home, as do a bustling business district, an international airport and a lively downtown area. Hotels surround each of the most popular Orlando attractions, catering to guests of all interests.

Accommodations in the Sierra Mountains in California

California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains extend some 600 miles from Kern River’s South Fork to Lake Tahoe, encompassing both Yosemite and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks as well as Mount Whitney. Bristling with pine, fir, and spruce trees, the mountains explode in wildflowers during springtime and acquire a sleek, snowy coat during wintertime that attracts skiers from around the world. With diverse and geographically scattered accommodations choices, travelers can select the right lodging choice by region.

Affordable Hotels in Boston

Generally, hotels in Boston come with big-city prize tags, running at least $200 a night and up. But your Beantown stay doesn't have to bust the budget, if you time your visit right and sleuth out economy lodgings, like guesthouses, suites and smaller hotels. Special lodging packages that may include parking, free extra nights and tickets to popular attractions, also help save money.

Affordable Hotels in Brooklyn

Brooklyn remains the largest and most populated of New York City’s boroughs, containing 2.5 million residents, according to Fodor’s Travel Guides. Brownstone buildings, parks, family-owned eateries and lively bars attract visitors to Brooklyn each year. Travelers easily access the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York Aquarium and Prospect Park in this pedestrian-friendly borough. Accommodations in Manhattan are notoriously expensive, so staying at an affordable hotel in Brooklyn is one way to conserve funds for museum tickets, nights on the town and cab fare.

Affordable Hotels in Hollywood

Located between downtown Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, and near Universal Studios and Mann's Chinese Theater, Hollywood is a good neighborhood in which to stay if you want to be near all the biggest Los Angeles attractions. In the 1980s and 1990s, Hollywood was a no-man's zone rife with crime, but gentrifying campaigns as of late have turned the area into a much safer, tourist-friendly place. It also happens to be an ideal neighborhood for budget hotels.

Affordable Hotels in NYC

The price you’ll pay for everything in the Big Apple is likely to be higher than it is back home. As one of the most visited cities in the world, New York is able to get a premium for their goods and services because of the demand it enjoys as a tourist destination and home to millions. But traveling to New York doesn’t have to be expensive. You can save money in several ways including booking an affordable hotel. You can find hotels that qualify as budget accommodations right in Manhattan.

Affordable Motels in Newark, Delaware

Newark, Delaware is home to a bevy of nationally recognized chain motels that offer clean and comfortable accommodations to travelers who are operating on a tight budget. Most room rates start under $80 per night, with some even less than $60 per night depending on the location and season, as of December 2010. Services and amenities are often limited, but these properties do provide convenient access to local manufacturing plants and corporate offices, tourist attractions, restaurants and major roadways like Route 72 and I-95.

Affordable Myrtle Beach Resorts

As one of the most popular beach destinations in the American South, Myrtle Beach offers a diverse selection of hotels, including a number of resort choices in the affordable, mid-range category. These resorts often have features aimed at traveling families and are set either on or very near to the beach, but visitors to Myrtle Beach should beware of summertime price spikes.

The African-American Heritage Tour of Nashville

There are many important historical places to explore on an African-American heritage tour of Nashville, Tennessee, from free African-American settlements and plantations to the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Civil Rights Room in the Nashville Library. Two tour companies offer guided tours of African-American historical sites around Nashville. It is also possible to create your own tour, highlighting different aspects of African-American history.

Airboat Tours in Georgia

In the Florida Everglades, it is common to see an airboat navigating the murky waters. Further north in Georgia, it can be more challenging to catch a ride on an airboat. Still, there are companies, such as Wingate's Lodge, that provide travelers the thrill of zooming around a body of water on an airboat.

Airplane Carry-On Limitations

Jetting off on a vacation can be an exciting but stressful time, especially when trying to get on and off an airplane. One way to save time on your journey is to avoid waiting in the baggage-claim terminal, or minimizing the bags you have to wait to roll by on the conveyor belt. By carrying on your luggage, you can breeze right out of the airport, but all carry-on items are subject to strict Transportation Security Administration guidelines.

Airport Hotels at Stansted, United Kingdom

London Stansted Airport, the capital’s third after Heathrow and Gatwick airports, is in the English county of Essex, one hour’s drive from central London. The express service from Stansted’s train station travels to central London’s Liverpool Street Station in around 45 minutes. London Stansted has a selection of hotels sited either in the airport complex itself or nearby. Like most airports, the hotels around Stansted mostly represent well-known international chains, but a few independent options are available.

Airport Lodging in Portland, Oregon

When you’re just passing through Portland, Oregon, a handful of comfortable, budget-friendly options are located near Portland International Airport, also known as PDX. Whether you’re looking for Scandinavian simplicity or a place where you can plug in and get work done, the hotels near the airport in Portland give visitors a range of options with a short commute to your gate.

Alaska Motels and Hotels

Alaska has an abundance of lodging, from luxury hotels to roadside motels to family-run inns and lodges. Each property has its own style, amenities and activities, and room rates can range from low budget to extremely pricey. However, one aspect that these places all seem to share is an advocacy for the distinctly Alaskan culture and heritage as well as an appreciation for the surrounding environment, be it majestic mountain ranges, glacial fjords or lush national forests.

Alaska Remote Romantic Cabins

Romantic means more than white lace and promises. The word derives from Latin for "tale," implying an experience a little larger than life. In that sense, any trip to remote Alaska must be romantic, since the Last Frontier is the stuff of legends -- the hugeness, the extremes of temperature and light, the wildlife. For those drawn to the kind of romance Alaska offers, remote cabins are scattered around the state, waiting to welcome you into your very own fairytale. So grab a bottle of wine, a book of poetry and a true love and head north.