How to Travel on a Plane With a Guinea Pig

by Corinna Ricard-Farzan

If you are going out of town by way of airplane and you do not want to leave your guinea pig behind, you may want to consider the dangers of putting your pet in cargo before making a final decision. If you have no choice and absolutely must bring your guinea pig because you are moving or have no one to care for him while you are away, plan your trip carefully and fly on an airline that will allow you to take your little friend in the plane's cabin with you.

Step 1

Research airlines to find a company that will allow you to carry your guinea pig onto the plane with you and place him in his carrier under your seat. Placing your guinea pig in cargo can be very dangerous for your guinea pig, as the temperature is not controlled and it can quickly become very hot or very cold. The stress of extreme temperatures can cause serious illness or even death in your guinea pig. Check with the airline about any fees that may be associated with bringing your pet on the plane.

Step 2

Find a veterinarian in the vicinity of your destination in case of emergency. You will want to be prepared if your pet does not react well to the plane ride.

Step 3

Prepare your guinea pig for the trip by taking him on car rides in his carrier. Give him a treat during these rides to calm him down and get him used to the idea of travel.

Step 4

Take your guinea pig to the vet for a checkup before your flight to make sure he is healthy and it will be safe to transport him to a new environment. Airlines require all pet owners to take their pets to the vet before they fly.

Step 5

Give your pet plenty of water before, during and after the flight. Keeping your guinea pig hydrated is very important to his health and well being.

Step 6

Check on your guinea pig often during the flight to ensure that he is comfortable. Offer him a treat if he seems stressed out.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some countries have restrictions on pet rodents. Check ahead to make sure your pet will be allowed into the country.

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