Traditional Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

by Timothy Sexton
Before the wedding comes the showering of gifts at the party.

Before the wedding comes the showering of gifts at the party.

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The tradition of the bridal shower traces back to when young women needed help from friends and family in equipping the honeymooner’s new home with basic necessities. Today’s bridal showers have the potential to extend far beyond those basics like silverware and small appliances to include items that may be considered less necessary, like lingerie. The traditional bridal shower tends to be a women’s only affair that focuses on those more fundamental gift ideas. Since the bridal shower has evolved so much in recent decades, it is vital to ensure on the shower invitations that it will be a traditional affair.

Types of Invitations

Traditional bridal shower invitations are not strictly limited to formal card send by mail. It is perfectly acceptable to send an invitation to a traditional bridal shower by phone, email or through a social network announcement. Creative and imaginative invitational concepts such as a live human invitation or a gift box are also acceptable even for a traditional shower. Just make sure that the invitation wording contains all the elements that would be sent in a conventional mailed invite.

Names of Hosts

Include on the traditional bridal shower invitation the name of the host or hostess. In the case of a shower that is hosted by a large bridal party in which just one or two hosts are not considered primarily responsible, wording etiquette affords the choice of including each individual name of the party or to state simply that the shower was given by the bridal party as a collective unit.

Names of Guests of Honor

Include the full name of the person whom the shower is honoring. Traditional showers dictate that this name will be the bride but the evolution in shower assembly allows for both the bride and groom to be included as guests of honors. When it is certain that the groom will be attending, the wording on the traditional shower invitation should include his name as well.

Time, Locale and Contact Number

Even more important than the name of the honored guest on a shower invitation is the accurate information related to time and locale. Make sure that the invitation prominently features both the date and the time of the day that the shower is being held. The location of the shower should be immediately adjacent to this information. A phone number for the primary contact of the bridal shower planning team should be included in the wording.

Directions and Map

A separate piece of paper is an appropriate addition to a traditional bridal shower invitation when directions to the location of the shower is deemed necessary for some guests. It is proper to include as extensive a list of driving directions as may be necessary. The wording of the directions should be clear, easy to read and accompanied by a visual representation that includes familiar landmarks. Wording on the map should also include a contact phone number in case the invitation itself is forgotten or lost.

Formal Wording

The wording of a formal invitation to a traditional bridal shower should indicate that the hosts of the party are extending an invitation to attend the shower that will be honor of the bride or bride and groom. A simple sentence expressing this idea that is broken up into four to six lines with plenty of empty space on the sides makes for an elegantly designed invitation that is easy to read an understand.


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