Trading Card Solitaire Game Rules

by Iam Jaebi

The name "Solitaire" refers to several playing card games. As the name suggests, Solitaire card games can be played during solitary moments, as a way to pass the time. Some versions of Solitaire are similar while others have very different game play. Part of the enjoyment and challenge of Solitaire comes from knowing the rules.


Spider Solitaire is played with two decks of playing cards. To complete the game, you're required to place eight columns, or suites, of 13 cards in order from Ace to King. To start, deal 10 columns of cards on the table, face down. Four of the columns have five cards and six of the columns have four cards. The last card on all columns is face up. This is the "table." Cards not used in the table are placed aside as the deck. Continue game play by moving the top-most card from one column to another until you have a column with all 13 cards in sequence. This moves the card into "foundation" and to win, you must do this eight times. Move groups of cards from a column if they are in sequence and place any available card in a table column that becomes empty.


Concentration is played with one deck of cards and is similar to a matching game. Start by dealing all 52 cards, face down, onto the table. On each try, turn two cards face up. If the cards match, you get to remove the cards from the table and set them aside, advancing the game. If the cards are different, you must flip the cards face down again and start over. The game ends when you find a pair for each card on the table.


The FreeCell play space has three sections: a Foundation, where you must build a suite of playing cards in order from Ace to King; a Table, where you choose from eight columns of cards to play; and Cells, four spaces where you can temporarily "park" playing cards for use in building the Foundation. The game starts by dealing eight columns (four columns of seven and four of columns of six) face up. You can only access the top-most card from each column as you work to create four foundations to win the game.


Accordion Solitaire begins with a shuffled deck, face down on the table. The first card from the deck is placed next to the deck face up. The second, third and subsequent cards are placed to the right of the last card dealt, creating a horizontal line. Whenever you deal a like card (King and a King) or the same suit, side by side, you are allowed to place the right-most card on top of the card to it's left. Likewise, you can do the same when there are exactly two cards between the right-most card and its match. The objective of the game is to use this technique to create one stack of cards, face up.

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