Toy Story Party Invitation Ideas

by Christine LaFleur
A Buzz Lightyear-themed party should include spaceships.

A Buzz Lightyear-themed party should include spaceships.

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A "Toy Story"-themed birthday party is perfect for the little boy or girl in your life who is obsessed with the movie. "Toy Story" appeals to both younger and older children. Creating invitations for your "Toy Story"-themed party can be as simple as choosing a character on which to focus. If your child has a favorite "Toy Story" character, incorporate that character into the theme of your invitation.

Woody- or Jessie-Themed Invitation

If your child's favorite character is Woody or Jessie, make a cowboy-themed invitation. The invitation can be in the shape of a cowboy hat or cowboy boot. If your child desires, the invitation can be standard size with a picture of Woody or Jessie on the front. Use a photo editing program to make the invitations so you can include a picture of your child on the invite. For wording, try something like this: "Howdy, Partners! Come join us for Ethan's 5th Birthday! Ma and Pa's Dude Ranch, Saturday, November 5, 1 o'clock, 21 Happy Dr., Weston. RSVP 555-1234."

Buzz Lightyear-Themed Invitation

If your child loves Buzz Lightyear, have a space-themed party. Invitations can be in the shape of a spaceship or can feature the Buzz Lightyear character on the front next to a picture of your child. The wording of the Buzz Lightyear invitation should be reminiscent of a space theme. Phrase it as a message to "Space Rangers" from "Star Command," with Buzz Lightyear and Space Ranger (your child's name) requesting the guest join them on a birthday-celebration mission. Give the party date as "Space Launch Date" and the location as "Sector." Add the time of the party and request an RSVP to "Star Command Control Center" at your phone number. End the invitation with Buzz's famous catch phrase: "To Infinity and Beyond!"

Mr. Potato Head-Themed Invitation

A little fan of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head needs an invitation to match. Creating an invitation with pictures of the Potato Heads is the simplest approach. Include a picture of your child to personalize it. For an invitation that will stand out from the crowd, make an actual Potato Head decoration. Cut out tan cardstock in the shape of a Potato Head character's head. Use felt to make the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Use brass brads to poke through each piece and then poke through the appropriate spot on the potato head. Each piece can be removable.

"Toy Story"-Themed Invitation

For a general "Toy Story"-themed invitation, make an invitation in the shape of a toy box. Your child's picture should be on the front of the invitation, along with pictures of the various characters from the movie such as Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. A general "Toy Story"-themed invitation can say something like: "Come join us for a toy-riffic time! Julia's 4th birthday party will be on May 8th at 2 o'clock, Playtime Bounce House. RSVP 555-1234."

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