Tours of Mount Fuji From Tokyo

by Leslie Renico
Touring Japan will expose you to a number of breathtaking sights.

Touring Japan will expose you to a number of breathtaking sights.

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A visit to Mount Fuji is the most popular day trip from Tokyo, according to Viator, and there are many vendors offering tours to this scenic mountain and the surrounding sights, such as Lake Ashi and Hakone National Park. Depending on the tour, you can view the highlights in a day or stretch your trip into several days, taking in the full beauty of the area.

Viator: Bullet Train Day Trip to Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi

This trip operated by Viator includes round-trip fare on a bullet train to the Mount Fuji area, a cruise at Lake Ashi and a cable car ride along Mount Komagatake so that you can see Hakone National Park. The tour picks up at a variety of hotels in Tokyo and includes a stop for lunch up on Mount Fuji.

Viator: Mount Fuji, Kyoto and Nara Rail Tour

This tour is also a Viator operation and also departs from Tokyo. It lasts three days. You'll take a bullet train to Mount Fuji, Kyoto and Nara. You may end your tour in Kyoto or come back to Tokyo. You'll cruise Lake Ashi, and travel on to see the Kyoto Imperial Palace, Golden Pavilion and Nijo Castle. Nara features the Todaiji Temple, Deer Park and the Kasuga Shrine. Basic fare includes tourist-class lodging, but you can upgrade to higher-tier hotels for an additional fee.

Tokyo City Tours: Mount Fuji Tour

Tokyo City Tours offers smaller groups and a more personalized tour experience. It is also more economical than the Viator packages. This tour leaves Tokyo in the morning, and you'll ride in a motorcoach to the mountain, going to the visitor center and the fifth station. Paved roads go as high as the fifth station. There are 10 stations that go from the base to the summit. There are four "fifth stations," one on each of the four sides of the mountain, ranging from 1,400 meters in altitude to 2,400 meters, and the one your tour goes to will vary by season. You will see Lake Sai, Kawaguchi and the ice cave, and walk along the Mount Kachi-kachi Ropeway before visiting the Asama Sengen shrine. You won't get the bullet train experience, but the fee, at the time of publication, is more economical.

Hello Limo: Day Trip to Mount Fuji

At the time of publication, this tour leaves from the Shinjunku Cocoon Tower at 8:15 a.m. You'll take a bus to the mountain and tour the visitor center and one of the "fifth stations." A Chinese buffet lunch, the Kojiri Cruise on Lake Ashi and a walk along the Mount Komagatake Ropeway are all included. Depending on traffic, the bus returns to the tower between 5:30 and 8:00 p.m.

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