Tourist Attractions in Zimbabwe

by Joseph Cohen
Zimbabwe tourism is based on its natural features.

Zimbabwe tourism is based on its natural features.

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Zimbabwe is a land of many natural wonders, with wildlife and geographical tourism its main drawing points. A series of national parks highlight these attractions. Although there are modern attractions in Harare, the capital, it is the history and untouched beauty that brings people to Zimbabwe. However, please note that as of August 2011, Zimbabwe's political climate remained volatile and sometimes violent, and the country suffers from high levels of crime. Anyone considering traveling to the country should contact the U.S. State Department regarding travel warnings and advisories, and take the necessary precautions to remain safe.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya, is the focus of Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls National Park. While not the highest or widest waterfall in the world, it is the largest in terms of water flow, with the largest sheet of water in the world. The Falls are also the cause of a number of famed zig-zagging gorges.

Eastern Highlands

The Eastern Highlands is a mountain range in the eastern part of Zimbabwe. It includes Mt. Nyangani, the highest mountain in the country, as well as World's View, from which Mozambique and other places up to 70 miles away can be seen. Bvumba Mountains, also part of the highlands, has numerous hotels, a casino, a golf course and a botanical garden.

Darwendale Recreational Park

West of the capital city of Harare, Darwendale Recreational Park has campsites and lodges, along with a lake and wildlife preserve. Fishing is allowed, and Mozambique bream, Hunyani salmon, Tiger fish, Barbel and Parrot fish are among the possible catches. Boating and water skiing are also popular. On land, hiking paths and bird-watching tours are offered.


There are a number of ruins in Zimbabwe. The largest and most famous is Great Zimbabwe, a series of 900-year-old ruins for which the country is named. The ruins are noted for the lack of mortar, and the multiple distinct architectural styles of the Hill Complex, the Valley Complex and the Great Enclosure.

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