Tourist Attractions in Tambo Shire, Australia

by Allison Horky
Shire of Tambo is in Victoria, the southern-most state of Australia.

Shire of Tambo is in Victoria, the southern-most state of Australia.

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Tambo Shire, Australia -- also known as Shire of Tambo -- is an area of Victoria, the southern most state in Australia, about 200 miles east of Melbourne. Tasmania is the closest island to the south. The expansive area of Tambo Shire has beachfronts and breathtaking scenery, and contains interesting towns for tourists to explore, including Lakes Entrance, the Gippsland Lakes, Bairnsdale and Orbost.

Gippsland Lakes

Gippsland Lakes is part of The Lakes National Park along the southern-most point of Tambo Shire. A drive along Princess Highway takes visitors through beautiful scenery as it winds into Jeremy Point. If you climb the watchtower a the point, you can see the Victorian inland waterways. Gippsland Lakes offers a variety of water activities, including swimming, sailing, and fishing, or just soak up the sun or eat at one of the many waterfront restaurants. Walk the historic footbridge to Ninety Mile Beach that runs through Gippsland Lakes.


Golf is a popular pastime for tourists in the Tambo Shire area. The town of Lakes Entrance maintains a 72-acre golf course, the Lakes Entrance Golf Club, on the Bass Strait coastline. The course is in an area with native birds and plants, which is a big part of its appeal. Due to its close location to the coast, water and wind provide unusual challenges. Par for this course is 72. It is the highest-rated golf course is Gippsland. Other golf courses can be found in the nearby cities of Bairnsdale and Orbost.

Family Activities

Lakes Entrance is the largest town in Tambo Shire and provides many entertaining activities for families. Kids love seeing the glow worms at night on a glow worm tour through the caves. Lakes Entrance also offers mini-golf, go-kart driving, Griffiths' Sea Shell Museum & Marine Display and the Kinkuna Country Fun and Fauna Park. More adventurous visitors can arrange sky diving at the airport. For the adults, wine tastings at Wyanga Park Vineyards provide a relaxing end to a long day of adventures.

Visit Nearby Towns

Bairnsdale and Orbost are two of the smaller towns in Tambo Shire. Bairnsdale is a popular destination for fishermen who obtain angling licenses from the local bait and tackle shop. Try your luck at Jones Bay or Lake King, about eight to 15 miles from town. Bairnsdale maintains many historic buildings such as the Band Rotunda on Main Street, which has been standing since 1910 and serves as a social gathering spot. Orbost is a good town for outdoor enthusiasts. It's close to the Coastal Reserve, Ewing Morass State Game Reserve, Lake Curlip State Game Reserve and Snowy River National Park, all of which offer great hiking and views of the Australian landscape.

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