Tourist Attractions in Kuwait

by Chuck Robert
Kuwait wants to build more of its economy on tourism.

Kuwait wants to build more of its economy on tourism.

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Kuwait is a wealthy Middle Eastern country, with its economy mostly built on oil. However, Kuwait also has a tourist industry that takes advantage of one of the calmest parts of the Persian Gulf, making it a suitable place for water sports. Kuwait also has a rich Islamic cultural history.


The Liberation Tower is one of the tallest telecommunication towers in the world and serves as one of Kuwait's landmarks. The musical fountain is the fourth biggest water fountain in the world. It consists of several levels of pools with 200 fountains. Kuwait also has several towers that revolve and give visitors a panoramic view of the city.

Pearl Diving

Kuwait has an annual Pearl Diving Festival that celebrates the hardships the Kuwaiti ancestors experienced when trying to find riches in pearling. Young Kuwaitis train in sailing and diving to prepare themselves for the festival. Older divers give advice to the younger divers. Kuwaitis handle pearl diving in a traditional fashion, with the divers wearing the same clothes as their forebears. They wear the wazar, a wrap-around skirt. Before oil became more profitable, the Kuwaitis relied on pearl diving for wealth.

Green Island

Green Island is one of many islands in Kuwait. It has a 115-foot-tall tower, with a water tank at the top. This tower is designed for relaxation and has 50,000 colored shrubs. The majority of the major tourist attractions in Kuwait are located on the islands and beaches. Tourists can enjoy swimming, fishing, water sports and yachting off the coast of Kuwait. Kuwait is sometimes called "sailor's paradise," because the offshore is usually calm. The amphitheater on Green Island holds concerts, and the island has many exotic restaurants.


The Tareq Rajab Museum ( has one of the largest collections of Islamic art, with over 30,000 items. Artwork includes jewelry, musical instruments, glass, ceramics and metal works. The oldest pieces are 250 years old . The National Museum has fossils, potteries, artifacts and other items.

Al-Sha'ab Leisure Park

The Al-Sha'ab Leisure Park ( is an advanced park with many amusement rides, outdoor sports events and other attractions meant to appeal to both children and adults. The park follows international safety standards.

Scientific Center

The Scientific Center ( is on Kuwait's waterfront. While designed principally for science, this center also has Islamic cultural artifacts. The center also has an IMAX theater and an aquarium. The Discovery Place has many ecosystems and is designed to be educational.

Sadu House

The Sadu House ( is a tourist spot devoted to a traditional weaving art known as Sadu. Sadu has artifacts such as rugs, tent screens and carpets. Bedouin women weave colored wool using traditional methods.

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