The Top Skateboard Spots in Indiana

by Samuel Hamilton
Indiana is home to many great skateboarding parks.

Indiana is home to many great skateboarding parks.

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As the largest urban centers in the state of Indiana, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville and South Bend all boast populations of more than 100,000. Consequently, they also represent the best places in the state in which skateboarders can find prime skating spots and parks. Each urban center offers a variety of skateboarding locations, parks and shops that cater to a variety of skateboarding needs.


Within the Interstate 465 beltway boundary surrounding the outskirts of Indianapolis, skaters can find two prime locations for skating and skateboarding needs. Located north of the Riverside park in the northwestern part of town, the Major Taylor Skatepark (no website; 3648 Cold Springs Road, Indianapolis; 317-327-3547) features indoor skating close to the Indianapolis branch campus of Marian University. Across town, in the southwest area, skaters can visit the St8 Up Skate Shop (, which offers both skating equipment, as well as several half-pipes and street courses in and around the building.

Fort Wayne

The center city of Fort Wayne sits inside the I-469 beltway and contains two prime skateboarding locations. North of the downtown area, Rise Skateboard shop ( has several indoor trick stations, as well as easy access to nearby Lawton Park. Directly southeast of Rise, Oasis Xtreme skate park ( offers an indoor skating area with ramps, rails, jumps and bowls. Additionally, a connected skate shop offers replacement equipment and gear for all the skaters who patronize the park.


Directly north of the Indiana/Kentucky border, Evansville's downtown area provides three solid skateboarding locations. North of East Colombia Street, the Happy Landings Ramp Park (no website; 805 E. Louisiana St., Evansville; 812-437-1986) features a wide variety of half-pipes, bowls and vertical ramps accessible to patrons of the park. Directly east of Happy Landings and adjacent to Wesselman Park, Get Wet Inc ( provides skating equipment and gear, as well as a handful of indoor and outdoor obstacles and ramps. From Get Wet, however, skaters need only travel a half a block to access a wide variety of ramps and obstacles at the Killer Skate Park & Shop (

South Bend

In addition to the prime skateboarding available across the Notre Dame campus, the southern section of South Bend is home to the O'Brien Skate Park ( Directly south of Notre Dame on South Michigan Street, the O'Brien Skate Park features bowls, ramps and street skating courses, as well as a skateboarding shop and a huge parking lot for speed skates.


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