Toddler Beauty Pageants in Mississippi

by Elle Hanson
There are many toddler beauty pagents to choose from in Mississippi.

There are many toddler beauty pagents to choose from in Mississippi.

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Entering your toddler in a beauty pageant can be a fun way to spend time together and help her enjoy her girlhood. In Mississippi, there are numerous beauty pageants, many of which have a category for toddlers. When considering whether to enter your toddler in a particular beauty pageant, it is important to talk with her about it. She may be small, but you can bet that she will have an opinion on the matter.

National American Miss

The National American Miss pageant, which occurs every year in early September in Mississippi, is a big event. Their youngest category is Miss Mississippi Princess, which includes girls ages 4 to 6. If your little girl is at the tail end of her toddler years and has previous pageant experience, this may be the ideal event for you. The judging events include formal wear, an introduction, community involvement and an interview. The prize is $1,000, a crown, banner, trophy, roses, advancement to the national competition, a modeling scholarship and traveling opportunities.

National Benefit Pageant

The National Benefit Pageant holds a number of local competitions, including one in Mississippi. From there, the winners advance to the national competition. The Pretty Princess category includes girls from infancy to age 6. The areas judged include personality, photogenic potential, congeniality and formal wear. The winner of the state event gets a crown, trophy and a fundraising support package to help them prepare for the national event.

Truly Unique Pageant

The Truly Unique Pageant, which has several contests in Mississippi, strives to judge each contestant as a complete person rather than just a pretty face. Preliminary pageants are local, leading up to a state and then national competition. Both boys and girls can enter. The Toddler Miss and Toddler Mister categories include children ages 2 to 4. Each applicant is judged on their formal wear, personal introduction and community service. The judges look for personality, poise and confidence. There are many other optional competitions, including photogenic potential, talent and a mother-daughter contest. Prizes include a sash, title and crown for preliminary and state competitions.

Sunburst Model Search Pageant

The Sunburst Model Search Pageant is perfect if you are trying to get your toddler into modeling. The baby model search competition allows both boys and girls from infancy to 3 years old to enter. The Little division features children ages 2 to 3. Judging is based on overall poise and appearance. No interview or talent is required. Every child who enters receives a crown and trophy. Winners of the Mississippi state competition receive a cash prize, invitation to the national competition and modeling opportunities.

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