Toddler Alphabet Craft

by Petra Turnbull
Teaching the alphabet to a toddler can be made easier with the help of craft activities.

Teaching the alphabet to a toddler can be made easier with the help of craft activities.

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Learning the alphabet and making out the different letters is a large step in a toddler's development and brings the child closer to being able to read. However, teaching a child the different letters through plain memorizing can seem rather boring to a toddler. Craft activities that involve the alphabet can be a creative and more purposeful way to help the toddler remember the different letters.

Alphabet Book

Collect magazines, catalogs, brochures and fliers with many pictures. You will find "National Geographic" and nature magazines particularly helpful for your purpose. Choose 13 sheets of paper of the same size, and two sheet of colored card stock or thick paper in the same size as covers. Ask your toddler to write the letter A on the first piece of paper, then let her determine what words begin with the letter. Go through the magazines together and find pictures of animals and objects that begin with the letter A, tear or cut them out, and glue them on the sheet. When your child is satisfied with the collage, turn the sheet over and continue with B followed by all the other letters. When all the sheets are filled on both sides, ask your child to design a book front and back cover on the thick paper or card stock, punch two holes in all the sheets, and tie them up with yarn.

Fridge Magnets

Buy plain magnets in bulk to make duplicate letters so your child will be able to shape words once he is confident with the ABC's. Purchase plastic or vinyl wallets or sleeves in an office supply store; alternatively, cut out individual pockets from photo or business card sheets. Cut out various shapes from colored paper or card stock but make sure the shapes will fit into the plastic pockets. Ask your child to decorate the individual shapes with alphabet stickers, letters from magazines, or by writing the letters himself. Once he is satisfied with his work, push the shapes into the sleeves and stick them on the adhesive side of the magnet.


Draw 25 circles of the same size on card stock in various colors, then draw one circle that is slightly bigger. Cut out the circles and ask your toddler to draw one letter of the alphabet on each of the circles, but reserve the large circle for the A. Let the child decorate the circles before assembling the caterpillar. Glue two straws on top of the larger circle with the A, which represents the head, then ask your child to glue the remaining circles in the right order behind the head. Hang the finished caterpillar on her bedroom wall.

Bottle Caps Memory Game

Collect 52 caps from milk jugs and water or soft drink bottles. Clean the caps thoroughly. Find various sheets of colored paper, magazines and glue. Trace the outline of the caps on the colored paper and cut out the circular shapes. Ask your toddler to find two of all the letters of the alphabet in the magazine. Once all the letters are found, cut them out and glue them on their circle. Glue the circles inside or outside the caps. When all the caps are filled with the letters of the alphabet times two, you and your child can play the memory game by placing the caps with the decorations facing down on a table, and your child has to find the matching partner.

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