Titanic Birthday Party Games

by Rebecca Zadell
Titanic received eleven Oscars and was nominated for many other awards.

Titanic received eleven Oscars and was nominated for many other awards.

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Titanic was one of the highest grossing U.S. movies. Based on the romance of a wealthy young woman and a lower-class man aboard a luxury liner, this story combines love, social stratification and disaster, culminating in the sinking of the greatest ship of the day. Games for Titanic-theme parties include trivia, mazes, scene details and truth versus fiction. Incorporate the food into the games for a seamless event.


This movie's three hour and fourteen minute-length provides plenty of questions for a game of trivia. Options include questions about the movie itself, such as the specific game Jack played to win his ticket and which officer Cal bribed, as well as questions about the cast and crew, such as which actors were nominated for awards and who actually drew the pictures in Jack's sketchbook.


One of the most powerful scenes in the movie involves the rush to escape the sinking ship. Two ways to recreate this scene are a blindfolded maze for guests to escape and an obstacle course. Use a timer to see who completes the course the quickest or set a maximum time limit to receive a "life raft pass." Incorporate a swimming pool if one is available, but warn guests to bring their suits.

Scene Details

Show twenty-second movie clips and ask obscure details about the clips. Be sure to select clips that display the answers. This is a good team game for hard-core fans who might know the color of the tablecloths, the color of a passenger's hair or the number of officers on deck. Ask teams which foods were served at the dinner where Cal and Jack ate together and which songs the band played while the boat sank.

Truth Versus Fiction

While this movie is based on a true story, several characters and events are either fictional or technically inaccurate. History fans will enjoy picking out the one true statement from among the writers' fictional adaptations. Divide guests into four teams. Provide multiple-choice cards with several details from the movie, only one of which occurred aboard the actual Titanic. Set a number of correct answers for teams to receive each of the three promotions from third class to officer.

Food and Prizes

For a relaxed game, hold several rounds of poker. For a more refined guest list, serve a dinner or dessert with points awarded for proper etiquette. Use fancy tableware and include several choices of forks and plates and select foods served in the movie for added authenticity. The number of guests will determine the type of prizes you select. Individual prizes could include a replica of the Heart of the Ocean and a tea set while group prizes could include Official Historian certificates and movie memorabilia.

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