Tissue Collage of Flowers for Children

by Chris Brower

A tissue collage of flowers is a simple art project for children. It lets children get creative while using some common art supplies. A tissue collage of flowers can be hung on a wall, placed on a refrigerator or given as a gift to a loved one. Once the child has all the supplies, she's ready to begin work creating a beautiful display of tissue flowers.


A tissue collage of flowers requires just a few supplies, though more can be added for more intricate designs. The basic supplies include white construction paper, crayons or colored pencils, colored tissue paper, a black fine-point marker and a glue stick. The crayons or colored pencils are used to sketch a background on the construction paper, on which the tissue flowers are glued, using the glue stick. The fine-point marker is used to draw the stem of the flowers, though a black colored pencil or thin marker could work as well.

How to Make It

Draw the background, sketching lines of varying colors on the construction paper. Draw flower stems by drawing vertical, slightly curved lines up from the bottom of the paper. These lines should be different heights and have some short stems coming out of them, too. Take a square piece of tissue that's about 2 inches in size, place a pencil in the center of it, and then, after taking the tissue off the pencil, twist it one complete turn. Apply glue above the top of the stem and then place the tissue on top of that to make the flower. For the shorter stems that sprout out of the main stems, place small 1-inch pieces of green tissue, again twisting one end like you did with the larger tissue.


While makers of a tissue collage of flowers will need some guidance, such as a demonstration or how-to drawings, its simplicity makes it possible for children of practically any age to make it. In particular, it's a popular art project for younger children, such as kindergarten and first grade. It can be done in a short amount of time, and helps children learn about flowers and flower shapes while experimenting with color.


A tissue collage of flowers can be made just for the sake of doing an art project or can be used as a gift from the child to someone else, such as a close friend or family member. In particular, this project makes for a personalized low-cost gift for a mother for her birthday or Mother's Day. Because it was handmade by the child, it adds that special touch to make this a gift to remember.

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