Tips for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Spellcaster Deck

by Robert Godard
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Norman Grossfield arrives at the premiere of "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie."

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The Yu-Gi-Oh! trading game pits opponents against each other using cards which represent players with varying abilities. Spellcaster decks focus on magical powers of the players in the deck. While constructing your Spellcaster deck, there are certain cards that you should build up and strategically incorporate into your set to give yourself a significant advantage.


Spellcaster characters tend to work better in a team than on their own. For instance, a Dark Magician card can increase the attack power of other characters you have out, especially a Dark Magician Girl. Locate characters who work well together and put them together in your deck to bolster their individual strengths. When using a Spellcaster deck, keep in mind that it is your team that will win the match, not the powers of your strongest cards.


If a player is able to put forth five cards that represent pieces of Exodia, the Forbidden One will automatically win the match. Cards that represent Exodia are found either in the playing field where the game is played, or in your personal deck. A Spellcaster deck is especially useful in locating pieces of Exodia, because you can use spells to locate the pieces. Do not make this the main focus of your deck, but it is helpful to include characters which can cast these spells as well as defensive spells to stave off your opponent.

Forbidden or Limited Monster Cards

Spellcaster decks have a high volume of Forbidden or Limited Monster cards, which are especially powerful dark Spellcasters which can either increase the strength of other players, or cast powerful spells defensively or offensively. This includes cards such as the Dark Magician of Chaos, Witch of the Black Forest and Magical Scientist. Make sure to include several of these cards throughout your deck, as they will come in handy when attempting to defeat an especially tough opponent.

Offensive Tips

There are also certain Spellcasters that can cast particularly powerful offensive spells. This includes the Dark Eradicator Warlock and The Blast Magician. If the warlock is in play, then every spell cast inflicts 1,000 damage to your opponent. The Blast Magician is particularly effective at removing counters and attacking opponents. If you choose to make an offensive deck, then make sure that you play aggressively, as your deck will most likely suffer defensively.

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