Tips for Yu-Gi-Oh! Harpie Decks

by Matt Scheer

Harpies are a card theme released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force set. Harpies, including Harpie Queen, Harpie Lady and Harpie Lady Sisters, are female monster cards, with one exception -- the Harpie Brothers card. Their abilities work together to improve their power and usefulness in a deck built featuring Harpies.

Three-Card Limit

Yu-Gi-Oh! rules limit the number of cards of the same name to three in any deck. This is a problem for a Harpie deck because nearly all of the Harpie cards are considered Harpie Lady cards, limiting you to only three of them in a deck. For this reason, include three Harpie Queens and three Harpie Brothers cards in your deck. Their abilities help other Harpie-type cards, but they are not considered Harpie Lady cards.

Elegant Egoist Tip

Elegant Egoist is a spell card that lets you special summon a Harpie Lady to the field from your deck or hand if there's another Harpie Lady in play already. Use this card with Harpie Lady Sisters, the most powerful Harpie monster, which has 1,950 Attack and 2,000 defense. Harpie Lady Sisters can be summoned into play only by a special summon, which Elegant Egoist provides. Include at least three other Harpie Lady cards in the deck to ensure you get to use Elegant Egoist as much as possible.

Birdface Tip

Birdface is a monster card that let's you add a Harpie Lady to your hand from your deck when it is put in the graveyard from combat. It doesn't have the best stats, weighing in at 1,600 attack and 1,600 defense, but its power comes through when it helps you bring out other Harpie Lady cards and Harpie Lady Sister through Elegant Egoist. Combine Birdface with graveyard resurrection cards to get a succession of Harpie Ladies into play.

Harpie Hunting Ground

Harpie Hunting Ground is a powerful spell that should be included in any Harpie deck. When you summon or special summon a monster into play, you can destroy one of your opponent's trap or spell cards and give a 200 attack bonus to each of the Harpie Ladies in play. Although this bonus doesn't include Harpie Lady Sisters, Harpie Lady and Cyber Harpie Lady suddenly have much stronger attacks that can overwhelm an opponent, especially because they are all flying cards that are hard to defend.