Tips on Taking Children to Disney World

by Kyra Sheahan
Have a pleasurable Disney experience by wearing comfortable clothing.

Have a pleasurable Disney experience by wearing comfortable clothing.

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Planning that magical trip to Disney World as a family should be an exciting task. However, it's important to consider some factors that can make your Disney World experience less stressful and more pleasurable. When it comes to traveling and touring with children, you'll want to be as prepared as you can -- for anything -- to avoid cutting your Disney time short.


Whether you are heading to Disney World with the kids for summer vacation, spring break or a post-Thanksgiving weekend, you won't be the only ones there. While you do have to plan your trip around your children's school schedules, going during the low season can help avoid some crowds, which means less waiting time to get onto the rides. One idea is to try to go to Disney World during the week, such as on a Wednesday and a Thursday, as opposed to Saturday and Sunday, when the crowds are at their peek. Additionally, if you can plan your trip to Disney World between school holidays and breaks, this can enhance your family's experience because the crowds will be lower.

Bringing the Essentials

Think about what you pack with you. On the one hand, you do not want to overpack your backpack, purse or diaper bag with so much stuff that it makes it difficult for you to travel around the enormous theme park. On the other hand, you do not want to run out of supplies, such as diapers. The solution is to stock up on the essentials and the things that you most likely don't want to buy once you are at the park. For instance, bring extra diapers and baby wipes, and be prepared with other essentials such as sunscreen, tissues, bug spray and a few light snacks. But don't bog yourself down with reading material and crafts in case the children get bored. They likely won't.


You need to be a little bit of a weatherman when you take your kids to Disney World. If you show up to Disney World in Florida's muggy and humid summer wearing long jeans, you and your kids might feel miserable after only a couple of hours. Wear loose clothing so that it's easy for you to walk around and sit on the rides. Wear shorts in the hot temperatures and long pants when the weather is cooler. A sundress for a little girl and beach trunks and tees for a boy are appropriate, too. Sneakers are optimal footwear because you will be doing a lot of walking.

Mapping the Park

Before you arrive to Disney World, you and your kids should sit down with the map of the park and talk about the must-see things that Disney World has to offer. This will help you navigate around so that you can go straight to the stuff your kids want to see. If you know that your kids want to visit specific rides, start by going to those first, and map it out so that you tackle one side of the park and work your way to the other side. This reduces the amount of back-and-forth travel time that you do so that you get more time exploring the park and riding the rides and less time wandering around.

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