Tips for a Disney Halloween Party

by Christi Aldridge
Throw a kid-friendly Disney Halloween bash.

Throw a kid-friendly Disney Halloween bash.

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The Disney empire may freak parents out, but a Disney party provides a non-scary option that ensures little kids can have a great time on this creepy holiday. A Disney-themed party provides creative inspiration for food, costumes and games that will have kids cheering on Halloween instead of running scared.


A Disney party should inspire some clever Disney costumes. Specify on the invitations that guests should show up costumed as their favorite Disney character. There are plenty of characters to choose from for kids and even adults of all ages. Girls may want to be Belle, Snow White or Cinderella, while boys may have fun dressing up as a dwarf, Buzz Lightyear or Mickey Mouse. Get parents in on the act, too.


Because little kids tend to get fidgety, have a television and DVD player on hand to play Halloween-themed Disney movies throughout the night. Some that may work are "The Haunted Mansion," "The Nightmare Before Christmas," the "Halloweentown" series and, for little kids, "Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie." Celebrate Halloween with the monsters of "Monsters, Inc.," which younger kids love. Set up an area with pillows, in case tiny spooks need to rest or take a break from Halloween activities and relax with a bag of treats and a good movie.


Help kids enjoy themselves doing some Disney-themed Halloween activities. Parents can assist kids in carving pumpkins with famous faces, such as Mickey Mouse or Jack Skellington. Download templates from the Disney site and watch kids' faces as their favorite Disney character comes to life in pumpkin form. Bake cupcakes and frost them white. Set out decorations such as squeezable frosting, sprinkles and small candies. Kids can create cupcakes that look like Mickey or their favorite characters and take the result home as a favor. Tailor Halloween games to fit the Disney theme, such as "Bobbing for Snow White's Apples." Play "musical chairs" to the soundtrack of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and award a small toy as a prize.


Use shaped Disney cookie cutters to make decorated sugar cookies. Shape crispy rice treats into balls and draw a big eye on each one to look like Mike Wazowski. Fill a bowl with gummy worms and call them "Ursula's Sea Worms." Offer standard kid fare such as fish-shaped crackers -- call them "Nemo Treats" -- or brownies cut into Mickey Mouse ear shapes. An assortment of candy in dishes, along with juice boxes and water, will provide refreshments for your Disney guests. If you make punch, use an orange flavor to make it look more Halloween colored and call it "Pumpkin Punch."

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