Tips on the Board Game Axis and Allies

by Cindy Roussos
The Axis and Allies board game gives players the chance to relive the events of WWII.

The Axis and Allies board game gives players the chance to relive the events of WWII. Images

The Milton Bradley board game Axis and Allies showcases the battles of WWII. Players are either on the "Axis" side (the side that includes Japan or Germany), or they are on the side of the "Allies" (the United, States, the USSR, and the United Kingdom). Between two to five people can play the game at one time, and individuals involved in game play should focus on strategy techniques to help them win battles.

First Isn't Always Best

While game movement is back and forth between the players, the second player often has the advantage because he gets to actually see where the first person is placing his fighters and bombers. Once the first player moves, he is moving blindly because he can only guess where his opponent will choose to advance on the board. However, when it comes to submarine usage, the first player actually does have an advantage. Submarines can move and then attack. By using the sumbarines in this manner, the player can hit and destroy enemy ships before his opponent has the chance to utilize them.

Focus On Your Opponent's Weakness

Take your time and strategize during the game. Pay attention to the types of forces that your opponent has and determine the goals that she wishes to accomplish. If your player focuses a large portion on one area (for example, if your opponent is pushing to take Africa and you do not feel that you will be able to defend this area and stop her advance), then look at the board and find an area that your opponent has left open. By moving so many of her resources to one target, your enemy has now left herself open to an attack from you in a different location. Pay attention to the board. Look for weaknesses and openings so that you can capitalize on them.

Know Your Opponent

People get comfortable when they play the same games over and over. If you are playing against a friend, he may have an opening move that he always likes to use, or he may initially always target the same area in the game. Be prepared for these moves and design your attacks and advances to counter them. By learning the techniques that your opponent enjoys, you will be able to make your game stronger.

The Aircraft

The aircraft you control can give you a solid advantage in Axis and Allies. If you have extra aircraft on your home base card, then move the aircraft as soon as you can. When you have the chance to move, put the aircraft in a safe position on the board. The goal is to place these extra aircraft on aircraft carriers or on airfields. Aircraft can also be useful in helping to defend the armies that you have on land or in protecting your naval fleet. Fly your aircraft over these armies to protect them from incoming attacks.

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