Tinker Bell & Her Friends Party Themes

by Lauren Thomason
Let guests dress up as their favorite fairy from the movie.

Let guests dress up as their favorite fairy from the movie.

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Celebrate all things fairy with a party centered on the most famous fairy of them all -- Tinker Bell. Although a Tinker Bell and her friends party may be more appropriate for toddlers and younger girls, elementary school girls may also enjoy a fairy party. While there are some boy fairies in the movie, younger boys in attendance at the party might prefer to dress up as pirates or lost boys.

Dress Up

Invite your party guests to come to the party dressed up as their favorite fair, and award prizes to girls who are dressed up. In the invitations, give a suggested list of costume ideas, such as tights, tutus, wings and glitter. If time and your party budget permits, hire someone to face paint the girls in attendance with beautiful glittery masks. Have some extra dress-up items at the party for guests who forgot to come dressed as a fairy. Allow boys to dress as pirates, complete with patches, striped shirts and bandanas on their heads.

Craft Time

Left your partygoers create their own magic wands. Purchase plain plastic or wooden wands, or create your own with stars or fancy shapes on the end. With adult supervision, let the girls dip their wands in white craft glue, then sprinkle colored glitter over the shapes. Stand the glittered wands in a foam piece to dry until the end of the party. Consider setting up a coloring station with printed Tinker Bell coloring pages, or by ripping out pages from the Tinker Bell and Friends coloring book.


Look for oversized decorations that will make your party goers feel small, like little fairies. For example, decorate the room with large flowers or pinwheels standing in foam pieces or pots. Add an even more magical feel to the room with large butterflies and dragonfly decorations hanging from the ceiling, or by installing a bubble machine to blow bubbles around the room.

Games and Activities

Transform traditional activities and party games with a Tinker Bell and fairy friend twist. For example, play "freeze tag" by tossing glitter or confetti at a friend instead of tagging them. Instead of pin the tale on the donkey, have guests position the wand in the hand of a friend. In addition, look for a large butterfly, fairy or bug-themed piñata to fill with tiny toys, candy and confetti. Divide guests into two teams and have them compete to cross back and forth across the lawn covered in paper lily pad shapes.

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