Time Warner Cable Installation in Mequon, Wisconsin

by Rob Kemmett

Time Warner Cable is one of the telecommunications companies that provides television, phone and Internet services in the city of Mequon, Wisconsin. When purchased, a Time Warner Cable service technician installs the necessary equipment and hardware for you. Before purchasing Time Warner Cable, familiarize yourself with the provided services and installation process.


To order Time Warner Cable in Mequon, call the toll-free Milwaukee-area customer service number, 800-627-2288. You can also order online at timewarnercable.com. Type Mequon's zip code, 53092, into the location box at the top right corner of the screen to retrieve current available services for the area.


When ordering Time Warner Cable services, the representative assisting you will set up an appointment to have a service technician come to your residence. The service technician installs the appropriate equipment needed to provide you with the services you ordered. If needed, the technician installs cables, wall mounts and other hardware not already installed in your residence. The technician also sets up the equipment and ensures it is working properly.


Cable television includes basic cable channels with the option of premium and sports channels; DVR service is available upon request. Home phone service is digital, which has better sound quality than analog, and comes with unlimited local and long distance; caller ID, call waiting and other benefits are included. Internet services vary in speed, from 768 kilobytes per second up to 15 megabytes per second. Services are offered individually and as package deals of two or more services, known as bundles. Bundles are consolidated into one monthly bill and offered at a discounted price.


Individually, cable television starts at $62.90 per month, home phone starts at $34.95 per month and Internet starts at $24.95 per month. Bundles that include all three services start at $114.85 per month, which is 6.5 percent cheaper than purchasing them individually. All monthly payments should be mailed to the branch in Milwaukee or handed in at any of the Wisconsin payment centers.

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