Tie-Dye Party Themes

by Kristen Marquette

Tie-dye makes a great theme for a child or adult birthday party. Or incorporate tie-dye as part of your theme for a retro, '60s- or '70s-inspired party. Since tie-dying can become quite messy, hold your tie-dye party outside on a nice day if possible or in a basement or garage where the mess can be contained. Choose 100 percent cotton articles of clothing for dying. Let the theme influence all the elements of the party.


Transform a plain, white cotton T-shirt into a tie-dye party invitation. Neatly fold the T-shirt. On a large white office label write "Tie-dye Party" and stick it to the front of the shirt. Give the party details --- why, when and where --- on an index card. Also, tell your guests to bring the T-shirts with them to the party so they can dye them. Place the T-shirt and index card in a large mailing envelope, address the envelope and mail.


Find tie-dyed paper plates, disposable cups and napkins at party supply stores or online retailers. Purchase a tie-dyed table cloth or make one of your own out of a cotton sheet. Drape different-colored streamers as decoration or turn tie-dyed fabric into bunting, garlands or streamers. Buy a tie-dyed pinata for the party or make one yourself out of papier-mache. Since tie-dye is associated with the 1960s, decorate your party space with peace signs and flowers.

Tie-Dye T-shirts

For the main event of your party, have your guests tie-dye white T-shirts. Cover your work area with disposable plastic sheets or trash bags. Soak the T-shirts in water before rolling the shirts up and sectioning them off with rubber bands. Next, soak them in soda ash solution. This helps the dye bond better with the fabric. Prepare the dye according to package directions. Over plastic bins or large bowls, squirt the shirt with different colored dyes. When you're finished, unroll the shirt and lay it flat to dry. Send your guests home with their tie-dyed shirts as party favors.

Party Food

Serve tie-dye-inspired cake at your party. For a simple, colorful cake, bake a confetti cake from a box of cake mix. To create a cake that looks a bit more like tie-dye, make a white or yellow cake batter. Separate the batter into three to five bowls and dye the batter in each bowl a different color using gel food coloring. Drop the colored batter into the middle of the cake pan, one color at the time. Swirl the colors around a little and bake. Serve Superman ice cream with your cake.

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