How to Tie a Spin Glow

by Jennifer Leigh

A spin glow, or a spin-n-glow, is a type of bait used to attract and catch fish. This item is attractive to fish because of its bright colors and the spinning action of two wings attached to the sides. It is considered a type of drift bobber because it floats above the riverbed or lake bed, usually along with another type of bait, to attract the fish. They are often used to catch steelhead and salmon in rivers and lakes throughout the U.S., but can be utilized for catching many other types of fish in certain conditions.

Items you will need

  • 20 lb. main line
  • Swivel attachment
  • Two-hook leader with loops
  • Bead
  • Spin Glow
  • Weights (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 oz.)
  • Salmon roe or bait
Step 1

Tie a swivel onto the 20 lb. main line. Use a cinch knot to attach the swivel by bringing the line through the swivel and doubling back, making five turns around the line. Bring the end of the line through the first hoop, closest to the swivel, and through the large loop. Pull the end of the line tight and push the coils of the knot down towards the swivel.

Step 2

Slide one large bead onto your two-hook leader and then thread the spin glow behind it.

Step 3

Use a cinch knot to attach the two-hook leader with loops to the end of the swivel.

Step 4

Experiment with weights, beginning with a 2 oz. weight. Attach the weight to the swivel using the swivel clip. It needs to be heavy enough to bring the end of the line to the bottom, so choose a heavier or lighter weight depending on how far it takes the line down in the water.

Step 5

Place salmon roe or other bait in the loops of the leader to help attract fish.