How to Tie a Sinker to a Line

by Joshua Wade
The most common sinkers are split shot and bank sinkers, easily attached with a few knots.

The most common sinkers are split shot and bank sinkers, easily attached with a few knots.

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Fishing sinkers come in a variety of weights and are designed to pull the fishing line into the water and increase the hook's rate of sink. The most commonly used sinkers are split shot sinkers, made of a malleable metal with a slit in the middle of the sinker that can be crimped shut with the thumb and forefinger, and large, teardrop shaped sinkers equipped with eyelets called bank sinkers. Essential for any fisherman seeking to add weight to or anchor his line, and split shot sinkers and bank sinkers can be applied easily in a matter of seconds using little more than a few simple knots.

Items you will need

  • Split shot sinker
  • Bank sinker
  • Fishing line
  • Hook

Split Shot Sinkers

Step 1

Slide a length of fishing line into the slit in the middle of a split shot sinker about a foot from the end of the line.

Step 2

Pinch the slit together to secure the sinker to the line using the thumb and forefinger. Tie a hook at the end of the line and apply additional sinkers as needed.

Step 3

Squeeze the dovetail-shaped protuberance at the back of the sinker to release the sinker from the line. This protuberance works to force the slit open without damaging the sinker so that it may be used again.

Bank Sinkers

Step 1

Tie a loop at the end of a piece of fishing line. Flatten the loop, then thread it through the eyelet at the top of a bank sinker.

Step 2

Pull the sinker through the loop and tighten the loop, attaching the sinker to the end of the line. The bank sinker will serve to anchor the line and will drag across the bottom of the water.

Step 3

Form a long loop in the line about a foot or so from the sinker. Flatten the loop and tie it around the line, forming a secondary line on which to attach the hook, with the sinker at the end of the line.

Step 4

Attach a hook to the end of this loop, just as you would a normal line. The sinker will rest at the bottom of the water when the line is cast, allowing the hook to dangle above the bottom.


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